Nord Modular G1 (first edition)... Is it still relevant today?

I believe that still after 20 years from its first release, this series are still mind blowing, and pretty much up to date.

It allows creating so many synths and save them
as presets, and also creating so many different possible sounding environments too, generative patches, random sequences, etc… just because its modular environment and layout style.

It also may keep you away from eurorack GAS… :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts?

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It’s wonderful, when used for what it does best and that is custom patch design tailored to the user - I’ve lots of patches which stand up against any synth because they do something otherwise impossible, be it sound-wise or configuration-wise

It’s a shame that support of the programming has fallen to third parties or wine hacks. But it’s still a joy and sounds great when used wisely - the filters aren’t exactly to my taste - but all good fun and rather special to have a little red box do so much or the larger G1 to have more hands on and layering possibilities

It’s relevant as it’s got a good variety of modules


I can run the software without a problem on a pretty new windows machine and dont need any hack, but it is true that there isn’t any more development going on.
I found it a pretty complete tool with its limitations, but so creative and addictive.
Highly recommended it!

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I’m just curious to know what other people think. People owning it, people that thought about getting it at some point but didn’t, people that sold it, etc… This is a forum, isn’t it? :slight_smile: Always good to discuss and know what other people think even for instruments that are not in production any longer.

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I have been used the Micromodular since 2012. It is the only synth I keep from those years. Sold it once to get the G1 rack, but then realized it was too much and too big for gigging, so I went back to owning the MM. It has found it’s place in countless tracks. It is working perfectly on my Windows 10 computer. I mostly create external clock driven noodles, and have also used it as a custom designed monosynth with a particular arp, sequenced by the Digitone. I think this little guy will be buried with me :slight_smile:


Wow! Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

That’s was really valuable info, I actually loved this bit “custom designed monosynth with a particular arp, sequenced by the Digitone.”

Many other synths allow matrix and probably plenty of modulation possibilities, but not many, and with such high quality and simplicity, allows designing your own synths and setups…

Having also the chance to midi map controls is another key think, but the morphing, how brilliant is that? Are you heavily using the morphing capabilities that it has to offer too?

I still use mine also. I use the editor through wine on my Mac.
I love the sound of it and its modular features. It works great as a drone machine !!

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It does actually!
It is just unveliable how much stuff it can cover on its own :slight_smile :slight_smile:
sit back, relax, and start patching!
I just find it somehow extrange how there isnt many content on youtube already.
Probably the reason being that it belongs to pre Youtube era,… who knows…

Yes , to use the 3 knobs on the unit. On the noodles I usually map the 1st to all the attacks of the envelopes, the 2nd to all timbre modulations (osc pitches, lfo sends, etc etc), and the 3rd to all releases of the envelopes. You can do pretty weird stuff. Also, these synth has the Nord Rack/Lead 2 engine, it is one of the best VAs in history.


I’ve been looking at the Nord Modular 1 and 2 recently and had a question, so I guess I can just ask it here:
Do you need to run the Nord Modular software on your PC in order to program the synth or to get access to the full scope of programmable parameters? Considering the original software is pretty old that’s bound to become a problem at some point, or already has when I look at the posts here.

On mac ( for example ) there are work arounds with wine / virtual machines.

Or just buy old £50 laptop

I plan to sell my nord micro modular ( I’m in uk )

Will post soon.

Yes basically.
There is a menu where in theory you can get to most of the parameters… but honestly impossible to use in any meaningful way like that and as the constituent modules are decided in the computer (which is where the power is) you’d just be denying yourself the full capabilities.
Having said that once you’ve filled all of the hundreds of presets with your own synths and mapped all the controls yourself the need to continually edit is arguably reduced a lot … unless you want to keep experimenting and learning.
I love mine and honestly don’t dive into programming so much as I used to did largely because I just love scrolling through stuff I’ve created in the past (mostly based on other people’s patches and tutorials from forums that I then learnt from and created my own versions of)

The original Modular editor is still available on Nord’s website and runs perfectly on newer Windows systems. I’ve only ever had issues trying to run it in Wine on a Mac.


As already stated, at least for Windows runs fine, it is just the help menu that doesn’t work, and I’m not sure if there exist any workarounds :confused: but besides that, it works perfect :slight_smile:

I’m running the MicroModular, so I’m not too sure about its bigger brothers but at least on my end, I cannot create new modules nor modify parameters, as far as I’m aware, unless they are mapped to midi controller knobs, sliders and so on. On the biggest versioons I believe you can navigate through the modules and edit them but I’m still not sure if you can create new ones without running the editor.

My usual practice is working with the editor untill I’m happy with the designed patch, mapped the wished controls, and have lots of fun. This is such an incredible machine to design sound with and performance live.

I wonder if anyone has already tried squeezing a whole live performance inside a single patch, or even along several of them. Probably that would be my next step to take.

I would also adventure after some articles reading that the Nord modular is still the scratchpad for ALL current developing Nord synths (still)? So basically there is a Nord Modular inside every current Nord :wink:

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