Normalize Before or During Import?

I’ve got some loops I’m working on and I started to warp / stretch and normalize all of them but then the thought occurred to me: If I normalize now then either the DT doesnt get to do its thing where it normalizes a track according to its own definition of gain. So anyone have a preference to doing it before and importing or just importing and letting the DT do the normalization? I doubt I’d be able to hear a difference but wondered about it if there is anything more than just a simple normalization (for example we know that it sums to mono - any mojo going on there?)

Thanks & Happy Sunday

Don’t have a DT, but would definitely do the processing externally, [normalization and reducing to one channel] so I’d have an exact copy externally to fall back on and that way you control what happens to the stereo>mono (this is NOT a summation on other Elektrons, some simply drop the right)


Great point there! Thanks for taking the time to answer, that makes perfect sense! :slight_smile:


Personally I’d just do it on the DT, quick and easy