Normalize transpose?

Hey guys, which is the best way to normalise transposition?

ie. Transpose is on +7, then I want to set it to 0 and have all notes transposed +7 from the sequencer steps.

Notes has different pitch and they could be polyphonic (transposing note by note is not a desirable option)


hold TRANSPOSE, hit YES.

That one! ^^

Hi Elektronauts.
I always applied transpose in that way, but seems like it works with Trig notes only, not Trigless notes.
As said, i have a sequence made of Trig notes and Trigless notes (Trigless notes over the lenght of the Trig notes, to add a legato effect).
When i transpose the track:
transposition has effect on both Trig and Trigless.
When i permanently confirm the transpose:
only Trig notes are transposed, Trigless notes stay unchanged.
I also tried the “destructive transpose” [TRACK] + [UP]/[DOWN],
no way, as before only Trig notes have been altered.
Any idea?

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