Not enough USB plugs. Two overhubs chained or a big boy hub?


I acquired more usb devices recently and I’ve run out of ports on my overhub
I now have another wonky hub connected to overhub, it has a very unstable socket and keeps losing connectivity, it’s not good.

I was thinking of simply buying another overhub and chain them together, bad idea?
as in, bandwidth would be distributed so I’d get only 1/7 on second overhub right?

the alternative would be to buy a bigger 3.0 hub altogether with more ports.
Was thinking a big boy hub like the Sedna 13 Port USB 3.1 Gen I Hub, which would go well in the 19 rack I’ve just started.

I don’t use Overbridge, but would like the hub to be 3.0 so could move stuff to the external hard drive faster.
The other 3 ports on my laptop are for power, display and audio interface (I think it’s best for the audio interface to be going straight into the laptop to avoid unnecessary noise/lag?)

Any thoughts?
How do you guys with lots of usb devices hook them up? Many hubs or a big one?

Here’s the 13 port Sedna

Many thanks