Note Menu. Length and velocity "oddness"

Hello. This is almost certainly a misunderstanding on my part but I would appreciate a little help.

This concerns the paragraph below, which comes from Page 38 of the manual:-

The parameter settings seen in the NOTE menu settings are the default settings when placing trigs on the sequencer. Entering three note trigs, changing for example the note length parameter and then entering three more note trigs will thus make the last three note trigs share a different note length compared to the first three. To add individual settings per note, utilize parameter locks. Read more about this feature “PARAMETER LOCKS” on page 38. μTM, ENV, and LFO settings can only be changed when parameter locked.

Now this doesn’t work for me at the moment. I can do it with the notes - so, for example, I could choose note G4 in the note page, place three triggers and they would all be G4. Then I could change the value in the note page to D5 and put another three triggers into the patterns and they would be D5. However, the first three notes would still be G4. So there would be three G4s and three D5s. So far, so good.

But if I try to recreate the example from the manual then the following occurs. For example:- Set Length at .375, place 3 trigs. Play it back and the notes are all at .375. Now set Length at 1.75. If I understand the manual correctly the trigs that are already set should remain at .375, but any trigs added from now one should be at 1.75.

In fact, the old notes are now changed to 1.75. That shouldn’t happen, should it? Any new trigs added are also at 1.75. The old trigs can be P-Locked to the shorter length but that should not be necessary, should it. It should be the default value and should stay that if, according to the manual.

The Velocity parameter behaves in the same way.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you very much.

the only way a parameter can be different per step is if it is locked - if it is not locked when placing the step down then it will change when you vary the values in the menu (ie vel/len)
this does seem at odds with the paragraph above which is ambiguous at best
whether there is an advantage to locking note but not vel/len I’m not sure without pondering it and whether this is intended or not (given the manual) you’d have to ask

Thanks very much for that - I had pretty much come to the same conclusion! The manual seemed so clear about it though.

The Spectralis does it that way - i.e. note value, length and velocity are treated as a distinct group aside from the other parameters and you can set a value for each of those three aspects and set some trigs, all of which will have those values and then reset the values, add more trigs and have the first group maintain their values and the new groups have the new values. Really quite handy.

My point in mentioning this is that it seems like a “legitimate” feature and that, combined with the clear description of it in the manual, leads me to think that it is actually supposed to work that way but for some reason it doesn’t. Shame.

indeed - but to be fair, it’s easy to multi-selct and apply the necessary plocks in step record mode - and it also a piece of cake to do one and copy
having said that, it’s not necessarily a show stopping issue, so may not have been flagged up before - it may well be an oversight which can be rectified - but equally there may be a good (advantageous) reason why it is this way

It does often seem to be the way that once one really gets using these machines a lot you suddenly realise that doing it a particular way would be really unhelpful.

As you say - certainly not a showstopper!