Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 with Model Cycles

Whoa … I’m definitely interested in seeing what makes that tick … will download and take a look.

Can you do this on the LP mini too ? That also has custom mappings, but just fewer of them, if memory serves ?

Thanks so much for sharing this man. I haven’t touched the cycles in a long time. Seeing this layout I’m like yes, this is going to be fun. Haven’t tested yet. Does each channel have its own dedicated page?

There’s a row of 6 ‘mutes’ so I’m guessing it’s one page for all channels.

Yes, it’s all on 1 page - Trigs are all done via AUTO channel (lowest notes), for Mutes you need to have them mapped to separate channels though.

I don’t think you can do it on LP Mini - I think custom modes are only on X (4x) and Pro (8x)

I also have similar temlate for Model:Samples if someone’s interested - I wasn’t able to come up wit the common one, as it turned out there’s a couple of minor differences in MIDI implementation between devices

I should have just tried it :wink:

Another question about using the Launchkey with the Cycles: when I use it the Cycles BPM controlled by the Launchkey but the actual BPM isn’t displayed, the only way to change the BPM is through using Arp tempo knob on the Launchkey but this isn’t very accurate and difficult to dial back in what you had set-up on the cycles origionally. Does anyone know a way to either a) display the BPM or b) have the cycles clock set the BPM while still accepting inputs from the Launchkey?

You can turn CLK IN off in the Config/MIDI/Sync menu on the M:C. But then you have the problem of trying to match the Arp rate on the Launchkey to the clock rate of the M:C.

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That’s a comprehensive template!

I finally got around to reading the manual and spending time with the Launchpad X. This custom mode file was so helpful. Thank you!

Can you use older versions of launchpads with these templates? Some of the early versions are dirt cheap!