OB can't see my DT

Hi all! Yesterday I updated my DT drive and OB with the hope that’s everything will work well, but I still noticed my DT doesn’t connect with my macbook pro late 2016 (usb-c type).
I already read everything about it in the forums, and tried every kind of connection, but with no success.
Could you guis help me with that? I started to think about sell my DT cause of that.

Thanks in advance

Doesn’t connect in “transfer” either?

Have you deleted OB and tried to see then?

Have you tested the DT with an iOS device to see if it shows up?


Yes, it doesn’t connect with transfer, only CS6, and I Uninstalled OB before re-instaled the update version. I only have my macbook pro and Im in the middle of a soundtrack work…
My last try will be buy a usb hub.