OCPD situations

We’re having a bit of discussion at home about OCPD in general and in this case, specifically untidy kitchens. So, curious to see if I have any allies here or not :slight_smile:

Based on the image below, how would YOU feel about it
a) being your every day view of your own kitchen
b) being the friend’s/host’s kitchen in between main course and dessert at a dinner party you’re invited to - seen from his/her dining table during a conversation


just demolish that kitchen and rebuild it


I do not allow this to happen and I cook most meals for our family. When I’m cooking complex dishes I wash and dry pots, pans and utensils as I go to keep ahead of the mess. My kitchen wouldn’t look like that even after I just had a party and fed 20 people.

So to answer your question more directly, if I saw my kitchen starting to look like this after you used it, I’d ask you to leave my kitchen. :wink: Now if I were a guest in said kitchen, I’d probably get started washing.


It kinda reminds me of that friend who smokes unbelievable amounts of weed and just puts dirty dishes somewhere because he will do them later (in three weeks)

I wouldn‘t let mine look like it, because it‘s not very inviting to do anything new in the kitchen. If it‘s the everyday view because of kids etc. I‘d at least try to… establish some organisation by the non-washers for the dirty dishes, not let everyone throw plates on the pile.

If it were somebody else‘s kitchen and it‘s appropriate for the event (?) I‘d offer to help clean it, because it‘s a nice social dynamic to work on the dishes with someone.

Huh, didn‘t think this would be so lengthy.


not sure that reflecting on the chaos in a kitchen counts as anything remotely like OCD (in any clinical sense) - just for the record …

as you were (in the colloquial sense of the term) … :thup:



I grew up in a messy home under a hoarder and while mine isn’t perfect I definitely run the dishwasher once a day or so and keep the counters clean.

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I had a proper belly laugh at that! :rofl:


I know a couple of people with OCD who’s kitchens look quite a lot like that.


I can hear that weed can demotivate but you shouldn’t overdo it, whatever the quantity, wash dishes and maintain surfaces, it’s still possible. And like @obscurerobot say with a vaporizer, it can even be fun. Here I don’t judge, people do what they want and how they want, but I can’t let the weed blame!


Ah yeah you‘re right, it sounds like I‘m picking out the colours a little too careful for my brushstrokes. He just happens to smoke a lot and barely does his dishes. It shouldn‘t imply anything here.
I‘m hitting it pretty hard for my standards the last few months and I still manage to clean everything no problem. I guess doing dishes is more of an… underlying personality thing I guess?

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Given, we’re all artists.
So it’s natural for us to use terms of art when we talk, or write, to describe our world.
I ain’t mad atcha, but I have to say:

OCD, or even more mild forms of compulsive behavior are, at best a painful challenge for those who have it. You’re not necessarily trivializing the experiences of others by referencing OCD. You’re playing around. No harm done.

I’m soapboxing now.
Words have meaning.
The post-truth, facts-optional zeitgeist makes it more important than ever (for me) that I do my best to simply be accurate, (or accept when I’m dead wrong).
You don’t have to be OCD to recognize there’s a mess here.
More likely there’s another pathology at play that allowed this to happen.

The ability to pull out a phone, snap a pic, and post this, likely indicates that OP probably is not suffering from OCD.


Ah, man - it really IS first day at school. I knew I should’ve put a P to it. Everything fits better with a P in there.


Mess is stress.

Nuke it from orbit.


Man, come on - it’s Monday and I forgot the P.

Apologies if I offended anyone.


I usually clean up the kitchen while making a macchinetta coffee, then I go smoke some more.


Sorry, my bad - should’ve been clear that the photo is not mine, only used as an example.

From that pic it looks like the dishwasher is old and probably broke. Mess explained.


I can’t keep up with all the new acronyms and their derivatives in the Anglosphere. I’d call this a slob situation.


you’re not offending me.
I’m just obsessing…