Octa screen glitch

my Octatrack is still under warranty and I can send it to Awave for service/repair. Just wondering if any others have seen this before? - only happens occasionally and doesn’t affect sound - obviously makes it tricky to navigate though. - fixes after restart.

seems you’re not an exception. i’d contact the dealer or Elektron immediately.

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A few months ago, my Octatrack also had screen glitch and hang.
But it was fixed quickly by Elektron support !

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Looks trippy :alien:

Ok thanks for the replies, I’ll be sending it to Melbourne Awave for repairs, hope they can also check out the occasionally jumpy level knob as well,…
I will be a bit lonely for the Octa but will give me more time to focus on the A4.

I’d hate to have to send mine off. It should be like cars where they send a replacement while yours is getting fixed.

“while you wait for your OT to get fixed here’s an A4”

That would be genius. Then we would all have to go out and buy one.

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:dizzy_face: yeaaaaah!! ^.^

Update: so I’ve sent the OT to Awave in Melbourne,… They’ve spent 3 days trying to replicate the screen glitch to no avail- so now they’re going to contact Elektron to determine what to do!? … Otherwise ill be getting the unit back unchanged! :frowning:
This really sucks because if I get the unit back and it hitches again, ill have to send to Awave again : costs me $50 to post insured!
I would have thought given I have photo evidence of the glitch - I’d either have the screen replaced or get a new machine!? …any ideas? …(Cenk!?)

To those who have seen this before/ happened to your OT…was the problem continuos or only occasional glitching? - was your OT fixed (soft/hardware) or replaced?

I am having the glitch problem for the second time now and this time it seemed like nothing helped, no powering on/off and no empty reset, but after waiting for appr. 10 minutes everything seems fine again, fingers crossed.

I had this after using my iPad with the lemur template for the OT. I´d guess the OT didn´t like the midi info I sent in and out, maybe possible feedback it received, just a guess though.

I just hope this doesn´t come back and stays one day. I don´t want to sent it somewhere and spent additional money.

Good luck!

I’ve experienced somewhat the same with my OT. It happened occasionally some years ago (every 5th start-up), but for the last 2 years it’s been working fine. I’m not sure if a OT patch fixed it or because of some seldom obscure start-up/initialization error.

Here’s a screen shot on how mine looked:

I reported the error to Elektron support. Here’s what they replied:

Sorry to hear about this. To be honest, this is not a software issue, it is a rare hardware issue, related to some screen connection. I can arrange you an RMA and you can send the unit to us for service. It is a very easy fix. Please let me know if you would like to send the unit to us!

How often does the glitch occur? You might want to send it to support. They should be quick!

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I had the same glitch problem (looked just like yours) for several months earlier this year. At first it wasn’t enough of a problem to bother, since everything was fine once I reset my OT. But it started to get little more frequent and I was trying to finish a record, so I sent it in and they took care of it.

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In the first week or so that I had my OT half the screen would be missing upon power up…I notified Elektron and they had me ship the unit to a repair shop in Georgia (if I remember correctly). It was fixed under warranty and returned quickly…haven’t had the issue since. The shop I bought it from, Gear Orphanage, was kind enough to refund the shipping costs to send it out…YMMV

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Thanks everyone - this helps,…
Awave and Elektron should now be in discussion,…
I’m missing the OT big-time!

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Mines in the shop right now too, no idea when it’s coming back. I feel your pain :frowning:

Went through periods were it wasn’t that bad, but then it started hanging more along with the glitches and the screen flickered too! So, repair.

Did other people notice that it often split down the middle too? Is the OT bipolar?

latest is Elektron will be sending a replacement UI board…

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Glad to hear you are not getting your unit back exactly as you shipped it in. Hopefully, it takes care of any of the issues.

so after about 1 month my OT is home, with new UI board - all good.

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I am having this same problem… Can I send this in to Elektron to fix?