OctaEdit v2 : Win a copy of OctaEdit

Win a copy of OctaEdit \o/

To celebrate the impending release of OctaEdit v2, I’m running a competition to win one of TWO copies of OctaEdit.

The competition:

“How many Components are there in OctaEdit?"

What is a component?

A component is any GUI element. So any button, label, group, slider etc.

Every single component in OctaEdit is custom created. Every component needs to have code written to create it, to handle when changed (e.g. loading a project), dynamic help tooltip written for it. To handle when clicked to process an action etc.

And that is just the UI/UX side of things…

Will be interesting to see the range of guesses, and what cats think about how much complexity goes into developing an application as complicated, powerful and feature rich as OctaEdit.

Some examples of individual components to help you out:

Example 01: A Button

Example 02: A Label

Example 03: A Group

Example 04: A Parameter

Example 05: A Button

Rules and Stuff and Things

In the interest of keeping it fair, please heed the following rules or your entry will be disqualified:

1: One guess per person.
2: Winner and first place runner-up win a copy of OctaEdit.
3: In the event of a tie(s), the final winner will be chosen by random.
4: My decision is final. End of.
5: Moonbeams.
6: OctaEdit Licence is non-transferrable.
7: Bunny Rabbits.
8: Other stuff I may make up later on.

Screenshots to help you out below.


The Main window and Project Module

The Samples Module in Sample Slots mode

The Samples Module in Sample Slices mode

The Samples Module in Sample Add mode

The Sequencer Module in Tracks mode

The Sequencer Module in Recorders mode

The Sequencer Module in Settings mode

The Arranger Module

The Manager Module

The Chainer Module

The Arp Designer Module

The LFO Designer Module

The Options Module

The Support Module

The Audio Finder Module

The Library Module

The Analytics Module

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Arg. Killing me. I should already sleep, working tomorrow. Answer till what time ?

And I know the answer is “many”. I won ?


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6 6 6
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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Belgian Red devils already lost. :wink:
Ok then, 1333.










Whew. There’s a world i don’t know lying within my octatrack i don’t know.


a buttload, imperial.



4096 :smile: