Octanoob question

Hey guys and girls,

Something (more) obvious on other Elektron gear for me. But how do you change samples when you select another pattern?

What happens now is when for example I made a nice pattern on A1 and I select pattern B1 the same samples are playing on pattern B1?

Thanks in advance!
Grtzz Glenn

So in short I want to change samples when changing the pattern :smiley:

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When you change the pattern also change to part 2 then 3 and so on. That’s the way to create variations between patterns.
To change part press. Function + MIDI

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Read the part about parts (tee hee), page 59 of the manual.

Basically every bank of 16 patterns, A through I, I think, has four PARTS. Parts contains stuff like sample assignments and their AMP, LFO, FX settings and so forth. If you want to change samples when you change from A1 to A2, you need to assign a new part to the A2 pattern.

Edit: What deka said :slight_smile:

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That make sense! Thanks guys!!


And get yourself a read of Merlin’s Thoughts on :elot:


If Im not mistaken also changing the banks you can use different samples.

Correct. Chainging Banks means you have access to the 4 Parts for that Bank, and thus different sample assignments.

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I keep trying the same thing then everything else mutes on all other tracks idk if it’s a bug or something. I’m using so 1.25 H

Does the new pattern have trigs set?

No trigs are set. I’m just trying a rework around by placing trigs so I don’t have to change the sample. I been messing with it for a few hours to frustrated now :imp:

I’m not sure I follow. If you have part 1 on pattern 1 and part two on pattern two then the samples of pattern two will match that of part two. But you need to place trigs to play them

Unless I’m probably misunderstanding you?

I was loading a new sample into part 2 but then it would silence every track. I started over on a new trig and now it suddenly works. Maybe I was doing something wrong idk :neutral_face: but it’s doing what I want now. Silly octatrack

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You might be getting confused with Banks, Patterns and Parts and their relationships…

Refer @LyingDalai psot and give Merlin’s guide a good read…

Merlins guide is working. It’s more to the point!