I kind of wished that FXs and parameter page settings are tied to the 16 scenes so that i can switch to different set of FXs easily. Makes sense because you want parameters to change as you pick scenes and FXs.

[Bank] + [Page] can scroll through 4 pages of Scenes. Holding down a Scene slot will show the Scene Page number. Say why OT doesn’t use purple or blue lights. OT leds ain’t RGB?

Parts can govern machine and sample slot settings only.

Am i understanding the structure right?

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and Amp and LFO’s and FX1 and FX2 and Mixer etc.



I think this isn’t possible because let’s say that when you are at the 50/50 point on the crossfader, it would mean that you would be using 4 effects at once on the track where you were using scenes to change the effects. Probably not possible within the CPU.

On this I totally agree, the LEDs can be any Color, yet the OT only uses a few. I’d love for CUE tracks to be better represented.

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Only 3 colors for MKI. Maybe this explain that.


Simply use parts. As @Rusty precised, they can do want you want to do.

Apparently no.


I am stating a wish on functionality. Is this impossible? Which part cannot be done.

Simply read again. I’m not asking what Parts can or cannot do. I’m stating a wish for FX and Parameters to tie to Scenes instead. If this is impossible then my understanding of structure in OT is wrong. Apparently not everyone reads to understand.

I read. Your wish is not clear. Do you want to change FX type with scenes, or change Setup page parameters ?
I don’t know what you mean by parameter page settings…
Simply write again.

Simply try to understand it is not possible to change fx type with scenes, and it is not logical.
Parts are made to change these fixed settings, scenes are made to morph parameters of active part, not to switch them.

Again, that seems the case.

Not clear.

Seems definitely related.

I obviously did.


What you’re basically asking for are 16 Parts which would be accessible via a [SOMETHING + TRIG] shortcut, rather than the current 4 which have a different way of selecting them. Scenes are for changing the values of existing parameters, though. As their operation is so closely linked with the crossfader, what you’re asking for seems impossible. At what point would an FX assignment change when you sweep the crossfader, for example?

I would actually like there to be a more intuitive shortcut to change Parts! That would be great, as it’s a bit fiddly (for me, anyway!) But asking for this functionality to change FX types on the fly to be extended to so many other instances seems beyond the design of the Octatrack. The thought of Parts and Scenes essentially being combined together into one concept is an interesting idea for another bit of hardware, mind.

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With 16 parts :
Part button + trig 1-16

Does this shortcut work with 4 parts on a Mk2 (PART + 1-4)? Unfortunately I only have a Mk1!

Part + Trigs 1-4 does not work as far as I know, but the Mk2 has a dedicated part button, so you don’t have to do [Func]+[Midi] to open the parts menu and select a part. Just press the [Part] button, arrow keys to select a part and yes to load it. That’s pretty fast and easy. I don’t think using the trig keys for parts selection would give you an advantage over how it currently works on the Mk2 tbh. Would require some entry level hand gymnastics.

[Func]+[Part] opens part edit menu, also much quicker and easier than on Mk1 ([Func]+[Midi] to open parts menu, then [Func]+[Bank] to edit part).
Mk1 part button combos are quit the finger gymnastics…


The excellent answers here are helping me to understand and see a valuable use case for Parts for the first time. Thanks to everyone contributing.


There is a way to change parts with the crossfader. :content:


I don’t understand, @sezare56. How?

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Like this :

One Flex (kick Snare Hihat) + Master Compressor

Zone 1 : Filter + Delay
Zone 2 : Filter + Reverb
Zone 3 : Comb Filters + Flanger
Zone 4 : Comb Filters + LoFi


Unless I misunderstood what you mean you can do this.

Simply mute scene A, move crossfader to B, set the 16 scenes with fx and synthesis parameters, leave crossfader at scene B when you wish to access any of the 16 scenes, and use the trig buttons with B held to select which one is active. To turn a scene off simply either mute scene B or move fader to A (which was muted).

Is that going to do what you want?


MIDI Processor?

I can see the patterns/parts changing with the fader, but I can’t think of any way to do this without additional/external gear.