Octatrack and Digitakt Program Change

Hi folks,

I wanted to get some advice,

I’m still struggling to get the Digitakt to follow program change instructions from my Octatrack,

I know that the latest 1.07 Digitakt firmware update is supposed to fix the delayed program change issue…

Bug fix:

“Pattern change occurred one pattern length to late after receiving a Program Change message from other Elektron device.”

But I’m still unable to implement a synconized pattern change when moving from a part on my Octatrack and seeing the new program change in that part update the Digitakt pattern…

It still takes 16 - 64 steps (depending on my step length) to update the actual change on the Digitakt,

Is there any settings I have to adjust on the units for this to fucntion as required?


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Read page 33 of the DT manual, about 30 times, and maybe it will make sense to you.


Check your ch.len settings on the digitakt.

Yeah I’ve just had a look and tested a few different settings, but I’m still having a problem, it still doesn’t work as intended…

The Digitakt waits 64 steps before responding to a program change message from the Octatrack?

i would say this

start simple

a 16 step pattern on octa and a 16 step one on DT. see if, when in LENGTH PER PATTERN mode on the DT, it doesn’t change correctly. Change it to LENGTH PER TRACK, make sure M LEN is at 16, and CH LEN is at 16. See what happens there.

I honestly am still trying to decode this section of the manual, I find it to be a rather obtuse implementation of something so simple. That’s not to say it’s not well-thought-out, and the idea behind the LEN stuff probably can be used to make some pretty complicated patterns, but it makes some simple things much harder to understand than they need to be.

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oh, and DT can’t handle instant PC change, unlike many other MIDI devices - you must send the PC change message before the downbeat.

Elektron support have told me that instant Pattern Change will not be implemented on the DT, unfortunately.

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WHY ELEKTRON!!! Is your goal to piss off users?


They said that it introduces its own problems

wow for real? man time to sale my digitakt

I only own Octatrack and Digitakt,

But when using the Octatrack as the hub of a live set,

How does the Octatrack talk with other Elektron devices, like AK, AR, Machinedrum, monomahine,

Is it possible to use instant program change with these devices so that full tracks and sets can be created and all devices stay in full sync and respond to correct program changes when moving through your parts and patterns on Octatrack?

Or is the Digitakt the only device with this delayed issue?

As it stands, the Digitakt cannot be truly useful for me in a live performance environment (when intergrated with my Octatrack live set),

I want to be able to move through my Octatrack set and have the Digitakt follow along with the accomplying patterns (which are sent from my Octatrack)

I can’t believe Elektron wouldn’t think this is something important for using the devices together…?

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I was under the impression that elektron boxes had a way of syncing w/out using MIDI program change.

As for instant PC change never coming to DT, c’est la vie. The processor and system architecture the DT is built on just can’t handle it apparently.

You can set CH LEN to “2” - and pattern changes after two steps.

You should be able to change the Pattern so it launches on the next bar, you just can’t change patterns on arbitrary 16ths and expect it to change immediately.

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They do, but from what I’ve been told recently this is not special to elektron boxes. The way to get it working across elektrons is to enable the options under the sync menu, clock and program change I believr are the options in the dt.also everything needs to be on the same auto channel

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Cheers buddy, and thanks to everyone else,

Yeah I’ve spent all afternoon trying to get this to work, it’s bloody annoying that it doesn’t want to play ball😔

Does anyone know a way I can parameter lock a program change using Octatrack? Rather than the parts method…?

Or is there a standard midi CC that can also program change through standard messages over midi?

Any advice would be awesome…


No. The OT does not have this feature, unlike the other Elektron instruments that have MIDI sequencing capability.

There is no such MIDI CC. The MIDI message type that Elektron uses for communicating a change of pattern to another instrument is the MIDI Program Change message.

You can set this to happen automatically on the OT in the PROJECT > MIDI > SYNC menu by activating PROG CH SEND and by setting the PROG CH SEND channel number to be the same number as is set for PROGRAM CH IN CH in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS menu on the DT.

You also need to activate PRG CH RECEIVE in the DT’s SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > SYNC menu.


Not quite. The Elektron instruments do use MIDI Program Change message to communicate a change in pattern that other instruments can follow, but there are two ways of doing so:

  • for the Elektron gear that includes a MIDI sequencer, the Program Change messages can be programmed explicitly (p-locked on MD, MM, DT, DN, or programmed in a Part on OT), or
  • all Elektron gear with a sequencer can be set up in its Global/Settings to automatically transmit a MIDI Program Change message when the pattern changes.

this, this , this.
you said it n a so much easier to digest manner than i’ve been trying to explain across other threads and this one


Wow peter, thank you for this advice,

I have managed to get the program change to work like this, and there is an instant program change happening automatically,

The effect of this change has meant the OT and DT seem to merge together and reference each other based on switching patterns in parallel to where you are on the global banks and patterns of each device…

The OT works as the master, so if your on bank 1 pattern 1, then Digitakt will switch to Bank A pattern 1… and if you then go to bank 3 pattern 3, the Digitakt goes to Bank C pattern 3…

The only issue I have is that now I have to dedicate each of those patterns on the DT to function with my OT, and those patterns already have tracks I’ve written in them…

I would rather just have the DT respond to the actual program change stated on the midi page of that part…

Is there another setting I have to adjust to get this to work? Like a way the Octatrack can override the Automatic program change…?

Hope you don’t mind sharing your knowledge, the manual just makes it so difficult to understand everything! :pensive:

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For this, use the same settings on the DT that I described above. I think (can’t remember and can’t check myself right now) that you need to disactivate the PROG CH SEND in the OT’s Project settings.

In the OT’s MIDI sequencer, set up a track that uses the same MIDI channel number as you set for the DT’s PROGRAM CH IN CH and enter the Program Change number that you want: the values 0 to 127 cover the range of DT patterns from A01 to H16.

This Program Change value is stored on the OT in the Part that is associated with the OT’s pattern. Save the Part!

If you want the DT to change to another pattern under the control of the OT then you have to program the Program Change number into another Part. Then, when you switch the OT to a pattern that is associated with the new Part, the OT will send the Program Change message and the DT should change pattern.

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