Octatrack audio to Ableton

Hi guys, noobish question here. I have Rytm and AK. At the moment I am enjoying sequencing them together with no computer, then recording the result into Live as Audio, then building the audio into a full track with further effects etc in Ableton.
I’m getting a full on Elektron addiction and am thinking of getting an Octatrack next. I would be using it primarily for studio production. My idea would be to do the same as above, except record the AK and Rytm Jam into Octatrack first, then mangle it about, then turn on the computer and play with the result some more, ultimately building a track.
So my idea is that the Octatrack will add another step before turning on the computer.
What about the audio from Octatrack to Ableton though? If it says 120bpm on Octatrack will this translate to 120 in Live, or will I be affected by all this drift I keep reading about and then will I need to buy an innerclock or something?
Is anyone already doing what I am planning to do? Is it even worthwhile?
Thanks for your help guys

if u have a external usb sound card / or whatever, with multiple inputs, not just stereo, i would suggest u dont record the sum, but individual tracks from individual elektrons … more freedom for after fx than just a sum from OT

Ah OK, that’s interesting thanks. I was thinking the Octatrack might be handy to add a certain dimension and create a ‘premix’ to later process in Live. But I see what you mean, thanks

I had the same dilemma as you. Instead of buying the very expensive innerclock. I manually adjusted the midi timing of my Octarack with Ableton. It works well for studio use. Ythere is a link on the forum somewhere to a YouTube vide. It should be pinned to the forum IMO.

ah OK, thanks Martin. What is your set up and workflow, by the way?