Octatrack cue outs

Hey guys , searched here but no luck
I want the cue outs to send 2 different channels .
Cue 1 - kick
Cue 2 - bass
Is this possible , i can’t see any touting options in Octatrack menu


Pan kick track hard right send to CUE out, take the bass track and pan it hard left and send to CUE out


I see . But now in my mixer setup I can only listen my bass in the right channel

What am I missing here ?

If you’re splitting the CUE from stereo to mono, then the cables coming out of each jack have no left or right, they are each mono. Those would go into a mixer and the mixer would now be how you would pan the mono signals

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Ahhh full working now !!! It’s was I doing something wrong .

Manny thanks mate !

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