Octatrack. Function button and midi button dont work


Today i was wondering about a malfunction on my one year old octatrack. After i trying to start my roland tr-8 via sync when i start the octatrack sequencer i recognise that the octatrack was not sending midi start stop… Otherwise if i start my tr8 and want octatrack to start vua clock octatrack dont start too.

After that i saw that the function button and midi button dont doing anythink. I was trying to reset the octatrack by turn it on and hold function key. But the function key is not responding.

Before that the keys work fine.
I was open a ticket by elektron but dont get an answer yet.

Maybe there is a cable disconnected in the OT. .? But i dont want to open it because of waranty

Has anyone an idea.

Today i had luck for 5 minutes. The function button was working fir about 5 minutes. I was in testmode and everythink is ok says the octatrack. But after 5 minutes the funtion button and midi button dont work again. Dont kniw what it is. Maybe hardware failure ?

Sounds like it might be. Id put in a ticket ASAP and get it checked

Same again. Sometimes it works for a few minutes. Most of the time it doesnt.

If its possible and i can make a reset, the problem isnt solved.
I send the unit to justmusic for repair.