Octatrack help

apologies if this has been asked already or answered somehwhere.

are mixer settings saved with parts? im trying have part 1 with direct monitoring on, and part 2 with it off so i can switch between a drum machine and the recorded loop for mangling without having to stop the drum machine when i switch over

Set your part settings
Save the part
Adjust mixer settings
Reload part
Check what happens to mixer settings
It they go back to previous settings
It is part of the part

nvm just figured it out, i dont need to have DIR monitoring on at all if im using THRU on pt 1

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cheers for the response tho

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Not a very experienced user here
More a frustrated user, who tries to accept the ownership and big amount of money I have spent
Slowly loving it…

But thru machines…
For me, the incoming sound of the DIR is more clear
There are topics about this

Did you check with fxs set to none and same levels ?

Mixer settings are not saved with parts.