Octatrack input floor noise

Hello ot masters :sparkles: , ive got input floor noise even if i dont have anythint conneted to inputs , just using thru track AB & CD and then max up headphone volume and hear floor noise which is negative 90-110 db . Is it normal or my octa has problem ? Can someone test that for me ? Do u have same noise when ure doing exactly same things as i do ?

Firstly, there are women here too. Dont ignore them.

Secondly, we cant do exactly the same as you, as we dont know the details of the rest of your set up, model number, power supply, etc

Cranking the input gains with nothing connected and getting noise is pretty normal regardless of gear.
-90db means you probably cant actually hear it, unless you also crank up your master volume. Theres a noise gate in the settings if it bothers you.


Thanks for replay :yellow_heart: sry about that in my country we’re using “fellas “ for both , but im really sorry about it (edited ) yes i cant hear it but when i boost headpone volume then i can hear , also when im using hard compression it also boosts noise :frowning: can it be caused by adapter ? Tomorrow i can tell which powe supply adapter i have :sparkles:

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Here’s a tutorial on YT on how to use that noise to create a track, so it’s normal I’d say


You can’t say masters anymore as well.

Noise is normal … just use it creatively :slight_smile: other than that it’s not audible when using the inputs with the right gain staging / noise gate.


Negative 90db is normal, actually quite acceptable for analogue audio circuitry - the input and output stages are analogue.


…that’s no real world test…

sure u hear some groundnoise if u crank up headphone loudness full on, during NOTHING’s going on actually…what u hear is NOT clean…it’s xtra gain from the headphone amplification…

ot’s headphone amp got a strong output impedance…so, no worries…in real life, with real monitoring purposes, volume all cranked up IS pretty LOUD and way more than enough…


There are people on here who don’t prescribe to this way of thinking.

By all means ask but it’s not a given that someone has to follow.

haha, it was a joke …you changed it to another “risky” word :joy:

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Maybe you mean ‘thinking’ thats a risky word these days…

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