Octatrack Input Leds blink issue

I don’t if it is a known issue but my OT MKII (1.40 firmware) is acting strange when I plug jacks in input AB, the led of input C starts to blink and randomly stops after sometime. And also this happens to input AB leds when I plug the cables off their sockets.
However this seem not to affect OT workflow or its audio quality but it is definetely unusual and I would like to know if there are similar issues or I should contact Elektron support service.

I have the same thing. Never found it to affect anything, though.

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Read here:


Many thanks!

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In the end I create a ticket at Elektron and they offered me to repair the unit as if the warranty was still valid, they were fair enough because this issue was only into the first batch like my OT. Probably the former owner never noticed this blinking issue or he didn’t care about that…

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