Octatrack lookup table for long samples

I got tired of looking for a calculator when wanting to sample long sections and play them back from statics in patterns, so I made this lookup table to save time. So in memory setup you can set max recording time for the buffers, the unit of allocation is seconds, but at the top of the screen it will give the number of steps. So to convert to bars this table is useful, also once you have your sample you can use the scale lookup to set the scale for desired playback.

Note that for sampling long files from external sources I recommend doing it in its own project, with only T1 buffer set for maximum recording time, if required. Then save the file to card, rinse repeat.

Description on file:

Handy for setting reserve buffer lengths when wanting to sample a long sample of a specific length using RLEN MAX. Note that if using project tempo non divisible by 60, then steps won’t align exactly with seconds in musical divisions, so just set such that step reading at top is closest above your desired number of steps, then trim to size in AED after sampling if required.

Also has scale lookup so that you can easily set scale for long static samples using 1 shot or x/x to playback the file as required.

Hope you find it useful!


Feel free to modify, add, improve etc.


Hey Darenager, I did a small modify to the steps column, as if you’re opening the excel file with a different locale than English, the formula “=MULTIPLY(A2;16)” will not work.
I’ve opened the file in Italian locale Excel and got an error for all the steps cells.

So, i changed for all the steps cells the formula in “=(A2*16)”, so it’s not locale dependant :wink:

20200618-Octatrack-Steps-Bars-Pages-Rics-Local-Indipendent.xlsx (8.8 KB)


Nice, feel free to make any other modifications if you want to. :+1:

Thanks @Rics