Octatrack: Loop Change Volume

I am relatively new to Octatrack world in compared to the other devices and synths I have used for many year and can say I am enjoying it.


Can someone please help me?

Example: T1 = Flex Machine

  • On track 1 I have a hi hat loop(125 bpm) assigned and 1 active trig on the first step that triggers the loop.

Is there a way in which I can while playing select another hi hat loop of the same BPM and simply assign it to that spot with the same volume/gain settings from my library?

It seems when I do that the sound resets and it considerably lower. Making it impossible to do this is a live setting.

Where as like the Digitakt I can throw a sample into that track and volume / gain settings remain?

Is there a setting for this?

Is this not possible?

I am wanting to basically use the unit and one project for everything …some tracks loops, some tracks through and one for recording loops(still can’t always get that right…)…

Is my desired us not a good for the design and function of the Octatrack as I describe it?

Thank you in advance.

If you change the sample in the slot, all track parameters remain the same. If the new sample is lower, the track will be obviously lower.

But there is something particular with Octatrack, in Audio Editor > Attributes, you can set GAIN, and save settings in FILE menu. These settings are loaded with the sample.

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You should normalize your samples, especially if you sampled something in OT. And all the samples you have if they are made by you make sure they are normalized. That way you wont have big level changes.
You can normalize your sampled audio internally in OT in audio editor.

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Thank you, I will look into this a little more. So, I can save that Gain setting for the track and no matter what I load it will be static?

Appreciate your feedback and time!

No. That setting is saved with the sample, in another file.
Its settings (TRIM/SLICES/ATTRIBUTES) are loaded with the sample.

This ATTRIBUTES GAIN value would explain level differences between loaded sample. You have to check it. But obviously if loaded samples have already noticeable level differences, everything is normal.
You can check / compare sounds in the “file explorer” with FN+ENTER.