Octatrack, Lyra, Techno?

I keep telling myself to record my jams, today I actually did! My side project seems to have eclipsed by main work.

recorded on a Tascam DR05, normalised in Audacity. bit rough, but thats the point right? its either live or it aint.


Ok I listened on laptop speakers so can’t talk about sound quality and low end but that ambience was real cool.

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I’m also working on new tracks by recording straight from my octatrack/digitone setup, but the lyra seems like a magnificient object, did you loop it with the octatrack for your melody or is it Something else?

Something that helps quite a lot is to have a reverb pedal on a send/aux loop with the cue output from your octatrack, it helps a lot to add glue to your tracks, creating a feeling that all the sounds are in the same space!


I’m also curious about workflow. Just Lyra-8 and OT? One track of Lyra sounds or lots of processing on multiple tracks / recorders? As I’m building up my OT skills, I’m feeling good about the thought that OT + _______ can be the basis for lots of fun. The harder part is figuring out what that ______ should be!

edit: Aw - I was bummed when that ended! Great jam. Makes me want to do the same (just hit record).

@dtr thanks for your comment, let me know if you listen on proper speakers.

@Martebar I played Lyra in real time, no loops. Just Lyra into a thru machine with a bit of reverb.

@cold_fashioned just one thru machine with Lyra going in. No loops. Just reverb. Tracks 1-4 are drums and ambience. T 5 and 6 are drone type sounds, both playing the same sample but manipulated in different ways. T7 is thru for the Lyra. T8 is master with a compressor.

Thanks for listening! Its just a jam, I wouldn’t consider it finished track, way too many things that I am not totally happy with.