Octatrack midi control of Strymon Volante SOS looper

Hi - this is a tutorial/tip, is there somewhere else I should post it?

To be able to control the Record/Splice/Clear function of the looper via the Octatrack is not ideal as it is all controlled by one cc, 49.

Default midi channel is 1, so set your OT midi track to 1 (if it isn’t already).

The Strymon Volante has a very nice looper as it prints mechanics and tape wear on every loop which at high settings leads to very warbled loops, I don’t think it is possible to replicate this type of behaviour within the Octatrack or by sending anything out externally via the cue outputs (cue + track number).

Because there is one midi cc for all operations, this lead me to the following method of being able to record and then splice within the midi sequencer.

From messing around, the volante changes from Record/Splice/Clear on any change to the cc value.

For a 32 step pattern/loop set the scale length to double, 64.
Place a conditional trig (to only trigger 1st) on step 1 set with a plock on a cc49 value other than the current value set in midi ctrl 1.
Then set another conditional trig (to only trigger 1st) on step 32 with a plock on a cc49 value other than the current value set in midi ctrl 1 or step 1.

This means you can initiate recording and then overdub infinitely and record it all at your leisure to a pickup/flex/static of your choice.

I have not explored reversing, half and double timing overdubs yet (or pause with ramps), but I just wanted to document this for anyone with an Octactrack and Volante.


Nice! Presumably you could make it 64 steps by placing that 2nd trig on step 64 and moving it all the way over to the right

I’m curious how close to a solid loop you can trigger with SOS over MIDI? I tried last night, via Logic – it wasn’t a perfectly in time loop. I tested it by just sending quarter notes continuously, and triggering the SOS mode. As the SOS looped around, it was slightly out of phase with the incoming quarter notes – so over time it gets messy. Have you had better luck?

Hi - pretty solid/usable with the OT.

Thank you – maybe MIDI jitter from the computer on my end… I’ll try my Digitakt and see if it tightens it up.

I’m struggling to send cc49 from my octa to volante, any hints please?

I am able to p-lock a value for cc1 assigned to 49 which is labelled as CC#17LSB (midi channel 1 set to channel 1) but my volante remains unresponsive. I have tested with other cc i.e. reverse and pause and they are working fine. also, this is with midi out from octa into midi in on volante with nothing else involved

Hi - is the volante firmware up to date? There were midi issues with the original firmware (now resolved).

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Boom! Thanks very much :rocket:

Any chance giving us more information of how you are using the Volante? It sounds pretty cool

A good way to get a 64 step Volante loop is to implement the method posted by the OP, but set pattern length per track, and make the midi track’s pattern tempo multiplier to 1/2x. The splice out CC change on step 32 will occur in twice the time, i.e. equivalent to step 64 (1/4x would give you 128 steps, 1/8x would give you 256 steps I believe….)

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