Octatrack MIDI question

I have a Squarp Pyramid and it has a MIDI feature (smart pads) which keeps me from selling it. If the Octatrack MK2 can do a similar thing with a little programming I would sell the Pyramid to fund the Octatrack :wink:

So it works like this; you select a musical scale, say A minor. Now each of the eight pads plays a note in that scale. You can then activate live record and play the eight pads. This give you a riff where all notes are in scale.

I know I would need to input the notes of a scale into the Octatrack first but is there any mode where you can use it like this. I know you can do a similar thing with the audio tracks on the Octatrack where it will play the sample of each track and you can live record.

I don’t think so tbh.i use octatrack and pyramid.love them both and thought of selling pyramid but is so useful with elektron gear

you can use the trigs as piano keys but not lock them to a scale afaik

Might be wrong as I haven’t done it for a while but I thought that if you set the scale in the midi arp menu that also sets scale on the trigs in chromatic mode even if the arp is off. Only works for midi tracks though.


I think I may have found the answer. If you place each note of a scale as a trig on successive midi tracks and then use Track trig mode as detailed below. If you read the next section about chromatic trigs it looks like you can transpose them. Now instead of placing just single notes of a scale place a different chord on each track. In theory you should be able to transpose chords as well ?

Yep. Right answer. Arp Scale feature force notes to a major/minor scale with a key, can transpose too, even with arp off.

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Holy hell, I only just realised now that there’s a scale option in the arp setup menu! With options to skip each step in the arp! Thank you!

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Thank @Rokki21. :wink:
You don’t read manual and Elektronauts enough ! :smile:

I probably read elektronauts too much. Need to spend more time with the machine…

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I have no idea what that must be like! :speak_no_evil:


as pointed out above I think, note, ARP scale correction is for sequencer notes only - so if you are in chromatic mode hitting every trig you may well be off scale (as you are literally in chromatic scale mode) until the recording has played back


Yeah just had a play around with this, you can transpose in real time but only with the arp on. This comes with two caveats: one, you can’t play chords, and two, it duplicates notes on trigs instead of stretching the scale out, so you only get around 12 notes over 17 trigs.

If you turn the arp off it will only transpose whatever’s recorded to the sequencer.


That’s actually a fairly decent workaround - just set the ARP speed high (i.e. slow rate) and you effectively get fixed length (3rd caveat) scale corrected duplicates - it’s still recording info chromatically, but the scale correction is kicking in at time of entry

Just a shame that the live input isn’t optionally corrected in non ARP mode but that’s a decent failsafe option to have

The OT with TRCs and retrigs now on the MIDI side is really a powerhouse (shame about the CC assignments following the note on, takes the shine off)

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Yeah it’s usable to an extent, you do get rather few notes across the trigs though. Audio example: https://clyp.it/ivhymu3d (this is me pressing all the trigs sequentially with the arp on and in E maj)

And yes, the dreaded late CC issue. It’s super noticeable with the Volca FM because any CC changes don’t kick in until a new note is triggered…

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