Octatrack Mk1 slow after adding 8GBs of samples to card

I just added 8 GBs of samples to my 16GB flash card. Straight after that I got some strange behaviour, the OT stalled in the next save around Midway and I had to power cycle the unit. Now it takes OT around 10-20 seconds to save a tiny project, much slower than before.

I haven’t tried to remove the samples but I assume they are somehow creating this problem. The firmware I’m running is 1.30B.

Anyone experienced this?

Where did you put the samples?

I’d try with a new project.
What’s left on the card?
Allmost full?

Not entirely helpful but I can say that I’ve never had this happen to me (with multiple cards as data points). Is the card relatively new? All possible cases I think of would point to a card defect of some sort. If possible I’d load the same data to a different card and test.

As @Microtribe already asked (in a different way):

How have you organized the data on the CF card? Putting too much files and subdirectories in a single directory is never a good idea and slows the file access down.

On modern computers this doesn’t really shows off, but on memory restricted, lower cpu power devices this slowdown can be dramatic and may even lead to crashes when not implemented carefully.

Another guess: have you unmounted/ejected the disk on the computer correctly after you copied the data? By just terminating the USB connection from the OT (or worse: only removing the cable physically) the data on the CF card may got corrupted (because the computer may not have finished writing the data to the card in the background). A corrupted filesystem (or the card gone bad) is the most likely reason for your problems.

I would at least perform some filesystem diagnostics on the card when you connect it next time to the computer …

And, no, in general 8GB is definitely not too much for the OT. Actually I have around 30 GB on my CF card (structured in many project folders and even subfolders) and I haven’t experienced any slowdowns or crashes.


I think so.
IIRC I had savings problems when my card was allmost full. Problably not formated since 6 years. Once I turned off OT just after start up : I lost all my projects, no more Set folder. (It was my birthday :sketchy:).

Just out of curiosity.
I have an AUDIO folder in my OT. Inside that are labelled folders (eg, breaks, foley, percussion etc) inside that are samples, possibly in sub folders.
Does that sound like a good way to store my samples? I’ve never run into any issues. Just curious.

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my 16 gig has 14.9 on it, runs sweet as day#1

bad card or other


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Nope it’s a 16GB brand new super fast card.

I put the audio here: /Set 200311/AUDIO/ into different subfolders. It’s a big sample library with 18000 items, 9GB total.

It took me 70 seconds to save an empty fresh project.

Then I tried removing the samples and repairing the card on my Mac. After that it took me 6 seconds to save.

So either the 18000 files were slowing everything down, or the card needed a repair.

To me, 18000 files might be what’s slowing things down on an old device like the OT.