Octatrack MK2 Track Sample Lengths

Hey all,

I am exporting my stems in sections from my Ableton and setting them up on my Octatrack to play live which is all well and good, however I have a track that is an FX vocal sample and it goes longer than the 4 bars that the Octatracks allows you to use within a single pattern.

Is there a way that I can have that sample/track triggered to play for the whole 5 mins from the start of the song on the Octatrack?

I am a newbie :slight_smile:

Amp hold to inf, put a trig in the pattern on that track. Hold the trig and press left or right to bring up the microtiming screen. With the level encoder choose “1st” trig condition.
This will only trigger the sample one (one shot trigs are another way of achieving this, but one shot trigs have to be manually armed).

I’m assuming you only need the vocal sample to play once?


Also, use a static machine for a file that long.


Additionally make sure that the track isn’t set to “start silent” in the pattern settings of all patterns you want to continuously listen to this background sample and that there are no other triggers in the other patterns set on this track.

This way you can even change patterns and the background sample will continue playing.


The 4 bar limit is basically a myth.

If we only percieve each bar as being made of 16th notes.

But all if that goes out the window if you are using a really long sample like an entire song, which could easily comprise of over a 1000 bars.

Track scaling and master sequencer length is the key to transcending the 4 bar paradigm.

You can have 16 bar patterns if you want. 24, 32, infinite what ever you like.

As mentioned above, use a 1 shot trig and INF amp envelope.


…one shot trigs are ur friend…func plus a trig turns it yellow, meaning u created a one shot trig…
u can activate it now anytime u want with yes/armed…and deactivate it with no/disarmed…

once activated it’s playing from a static slot as long as u want…even across different patterns aslong there is no other sonic mission waiting on that track…

if u turn loop on, for that sample, it’s running endless…no loop, it’s running once to it’s end…

whenever u press yes again, it will play from start again, once crossing the one shot trig…

if u disarm all one shot trigs always first, u can run the pattern as long as u want without that long sample til u hit yes for the first time…nice…

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And on top of that you have the “plays free” option with its associated parameters.

In other words: possibilities are endless.


…i constantly forget about the plays free option…
have’nt used it ever, yet…had my first ot in 2014…gosh…
really time for a new discovery mission…