Octatrack mki and mkii compatibility?

Ive read that the MK2 is compatible with MK1 projects but is the MK1 completely compatible with MK2 projects?

I have a MK1 and I’m in the market for a 2nd OT. I want to be able to swap projects between both machines both ways. Mk2>MK1 and MK1>MK2

Am I safe getting the new MK2 or should I seek out a used MK1?

I believe they are all fully compatible.


No internal changes were made to mk2 so they are cross-compatible


Hello, elektron guys.
I have OT mk1, am thinking buying OT mk2 since I carry OT mk1 one place to another that is inconvenient.
I need information about the OT mk1 file and OT mk2 file compatibility. If I copy all the files in the OT mk1 into the OT mk2, are the two machines gonna work like the same? And one more. If I replace OT mk1 SD card with OT mk2 SD card or vice versa, are they gonna work properly? What am I missing here?
Thanks for reading.
Happy for the Digiton!!

yeah they’ll read the same projects from the same CF card no problem.


Are Mk1 and Mk2 the same size?

Or will the Mk2 be able to fit in the two tier rack i currently have my MK1 and MD in ?

The PL2 lid fits both the MK1 and the MK2. Hence, I don’t think the dimensions have changed.

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Yes same size, think the 3mm difference is only the audio jacks.

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