Octatrack MKI and MKII shorcuts differences list

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Octatrack category being very quiet* these days, I thought it was a good occasion to make this topic. I don’t think there’s a similar one.

Being to lazy to compare manuals for now, if some people who had /have MKI / MKII knowing some obvious shorcuts differences could post it, I’ll try to make an exhaustive list editing this first post later.


I start with the shorcut MKII doesn’t have : Multiply!

Once a loop has been recorded it can be doubled by either pressing [MIDI] while in the RECORDING SETUP menus, or by pressing [TRACK] + [MIDI] at any time. Note that this operation makes a copy of the loop at that specific moment, so it is recommended not to do this while overdubbing

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REC3 button addition on MKII related.


Manual internal source sampling:

Edit: corrected.



[FUNCTION] + [MIXER] will open the PROJECT menu.

[FUNCTION] + [MIDI] will open the PARTS menu.


[FUNC] + [REC3] opens the RECORDING EDIT menu.

[FUNC] + [CUE] reloads the active part to its saved settings.

[FUNC] + [PROJ] saves the project.

[FUNC] + [PART] to edit the current part.

[FUNC] + [AED] opens the CREATE SLICE GRID menu.

[FUNC] + [MIX] toggles the metronome on/off.

[FUNC] + [MIDI] opens the MIDI sync settings.


Cue+Tempo activate/deactivate the metronome. Make sure the volume is not set to zero in the menu

When in recording mode Func+trig turn the trig yellow and it become a “truly” one shoot, even if the pattern loop it won’t get triggered. It flash when is being triggered and to reactivate just press the Trig again.

In the LFO designer hold a Trig+Tempo will make an interpolation beetween step, it basically smooth the modulation.

Copy, clear and paste work differently depend on what mode you’re in.
Func+Copy/clear/paste will do the action to the pattern.
In rec mode:
Func+copy/paste copy and paste track
Func+clear clear the step Trig
Hold any of the parameters page(playback, amp, lfo, effect 1/2)+copy/clear/paste will do the action to the selected page. Note that every parameter will be copy so when you copy an effect it will change the effect too. Little trick/bug:it’s possible to copy delay/reverb in the Effect 2 and paste in Effect 1,the page will looks blank but you can hear the effect.

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Many great shortcuts to stay fast and focused performer on OT.
Good to have reminders here and there sometimes.


Works also on MKII.
MKII has got doubled shortcut for metronome as mentioned above: [FUNC] + [MIX] (Click), that opens PROJECT menu on MKI.

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Question about this because I’ve been wondering. The black text printed under the [REC] buttons on the MKII – are those for pickup machines only? I’ve had my OT for a few months now and after trying pickup machines a couple times early on I haven’t used them much. I guess I find the functionality confusing…