Octatrack MKI midi controlling Moog Taurus

Hello everyone.
I am trying to control my Moog Taurus III with my OT MKI. The notes are playing normally and I can sequence it, but I can’t seem to control all other parameters (e.g. I’d like to turn the knobs on the OT and control the filter cutoff). Also, MIDI learning doesn’t seem to work.
Anyone knows why?
In the Taurus manual, there are two different MIDI CC: e. g. Filter cutoff is MSB 19 - LSB 51. Which one is the corresponding MIDI parameter of the OT?

Thank you for your answers

That’s not a single CC, but what’s known as Non-Registered Parameter Number (NRPN).

I don’t think you can map a single knob of the OT to send a NRPN, because an NRPN needs at least 3 different CCs sent in series.

For a single value change of the Taurus Filter Cutoff (0…127) this should be:

  • send CC99 with 19 (MSB)
  • send CC98 with 51 (LSB)
  • send CC6 with cutoff param (0 … 127)

The only way I see to use a single knob on the OT to control such a parameter is to configure the OT to send an unused CC and utilize an external midi processor to translate this CC into the required sequence of 3 CCs.

I haven’t done this on my OT yet, so maybe someone else can verify I’m right on this?

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Moogs will respond to just the MSB CC alone for normal 0-127 midi resolution, just sending CC 19 from the OT should work…


You are so right, Mike. I was already wondering why they implemented it this way for low resolution …

From the T3 manual:

Many of the T3 parameters support high resolution, 14-bit MIDI CC messages, which allow for finer control and smoother changes when the T3 is controlled from a sequencer or DAW. For these high resolution parameters, the MSB indicates the ‘regular’ CC number, and the LSB indicates the high-resolution ‘fine’ control value. If you are only sending 7-bit MIDI CC messages to control these parameters, use the MSB channel number by itself.


It works! So it was actually a stupid question. Thank you so much for your answers!

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No such thing as stupid questions…
Have fun. :slight_smile: