Octatrack MKII freeze on loading operating system

Hi All,
Octatrack uploads the operations system than freeze without responding.
one checked with 2 memory cards
16GB and 64GB
with the 64GB the OT freeze before finishing its operating system upload.
I formated both card and the pC recognised both without problem. both Fat 32.
I also did a reset of the system without cards (Function on startup).
Any ideas?

try to install the .bin file at the root of the CF card as per the instructions in the zip (i’ve never had an issue with this method, having said that I’ve also never had an issue uploading an OS via midi either on the other Elektrons)

I cannot enter any menue on the OT as it freeze when start so I cannot enter the upgrade mode.

Check so that no pins are bent or missing in the card reader.

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which Card reader?
I am trying to use now the c6 but I can’t see the OT on the o6 menue

I’d listen to @Olle

But also:

  • What OS from?
  • What OS to?
  • At what point is it freezing?
  • What does Test Mode say? Power on holding [Function] then press [Trig 01] when you see the Start up menu.

Photos and/or video would be cool.

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The one inside the Octatrack I’d assume.


ATA is an issue. Should say [OK]

I’d say that is an issue with the CF Card Reader.

Not sure what IE:DTIM0 means; edumacted guess would be Internal Exception, Digitial Timeout…

@Olle is the man to speak with here. Could be a bent pin(s) with the card reader inside the Octatrack.


Rusty is correct. ATA errors are the card or the card reader.

Contact support and they will help you out. Attach the image in the support ticket and have a look inside the slot where the CF card goes to see if any pins are bent or missing.


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Thats the unswer,

Great warning photo. It looks so easily to bend. Probably repairable.

There where two more on the other side.

It’s a quick and cheap repair if the PCB is not damaged. We usually cover this if there is not something obviously stupid that has been done, and you cover the shipping here. Never ever use force. CF cards can go in at an angle and this ruins the pins.


what I do not understand is that you still used in the MK2 CF cards, why not gone with more modern cards ? these pins are so easy to damage compared to newer card interfaces.

CF cards are still used in lots of high end gear. I think there’s an advantage in the way you can drive them … but idk I’m not a hardware engineer. I just do eyes.

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I believe it is due to a number if reasons, CF uses ATA protocol, which is 16bit parallel hence more pins, I think SD is a serial protocol and requires a license to utilise. (Correction it appears SD is now 4bit parallel)

I don’t think CF is fragile unless you do not take care when inserting.


Right so CF cards are ATA (and CFast => SATA) compatible. Perhaps that’s simpler to interface with in certain hardware contexts!

They’re also physically strong. Aside from the bent-pin problem, it’s harder to damage one by for example sitting on it.


Possibly at the time the OT was developed CF had significant advantages wrt to access times and number of simultaneous data streams over SD, it was considered a more pro format, SD was a consumer format, in the meantime SD technology improved to be about equal to CF in terms of performance.

When designing the mkII I guess that rather than redesign the whole board and operating system, Elektron decided that CF made more sense to ensure backwards compatibility for the user and themselves.

I have used CF for 20 years, never bent a pin.