Octatrack MKII in depth video review

Hi guys,

i don’t found a detailed in depth video of the new OT mk2. So i made one. Its just about explaining the new features and some opinions. Maybe somebody is interested…



Thanks! i will check it out.


Hah, that intro is brilliant! Spot on back in time :slight_smile: will check out the video.

A bit of constructive criticism. Your video is very informative, but there’s a lot of discussion about the specifics and no real performance.

Personally, when I watch a video about gear I’m interested in, I’m looking to vicariously play it through the video. The production was well done, though. :slight_smile:

i second this. need way more audio examples

why more performances and audio examples? Its like the MK 1 and you can see this 1000 times on youtube.
I’m planing to do some “approaches in workflow” videos, but this video it just for information, in my opinion


I’m just saying, it would make the video more entertaining and satisfying to watch.

Another reason, we’re aware of the button additions to the OT, but it would be useful to see how the buttons are IN ACTION. If I may be frank, the conclusion that the buttons aren’t worth it seems to be the fairly obvious conclusion- it would be more interesting to see the benefit of these buttons *in the flow*.

i would love to see a lot of quick conditional trig videos with examples.

show fill/not fill
pre/not pre

nei/not nei


howd you get so much vinyl on them skinny shelves?

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It works til it drops…:wink:

Thanks for the video :slight_smile:
Are those lightly lit buttons really invisible in daylight? Wouldn’t have thought so.

yeah the background light on the dimmed button are not that visible on daylight, but not necessary. Its good to have the light at night.

Monoteur, I’ve been enjoying all of your videos so far. One minor constructive criticism of this one: the music in the background competes with your voice sometimes when I’m listening on laptop speakers, you might try rolling off the high end to make it sit more in the background. Especially the parts with spring reverb noises or percussion.

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Yes I found it very disturbing sometimes too ! :wink:

I bet it wouldn’t be an issue on better speakers, but on laptop speakers where everything is highs and upper mids the music definitely competed for my attention in parts.