Octatrack MKII is now shipping!

A black and red woven usb cable, 16gb Kingston CF card x266 speed. Power adaptor with new design.
The old plastic lid also fits right on.

Only thing that micro-bothers me is a design weakness. That the distance between arrow left and NO button is to me too narrow. All other buttons are tidly grouped but the distance to the NO button is exactly the same as between the rest of the arrow buttons. In my world there would me a little more distance between no and arrow left to keep the button groups tidy. Am I too picky? Well I guess I can live with it… :slight_smile:


Good point. That’s a peculiar design decision.

Yeah I feel you. Trigs also look pretty cramped IMO. It probably doesn’t matter in the slightests once you turn it on and start using it though.

It has a xmas light feel to the new colours doesn’t it? Joyful even? The amount of green light (from the LEDs) feels subliminally different from the old one…

Ack, seems I forgot many things wrt operating an octa already! Back to the manuals (I only had a mk I for a relatively brienf amt of time in usage hours)

I’m very interested in comparisons from those of you who have a MKI. I had the new machine in my online basket a few times today, even inputted my credit card number on one occasion! Didn’t actually go through with it!

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Also I’d say that the trig number leds are actually super useful! Way easier to cue up the next pattn reliably in the heat of the moment. This is one of those things that I originally thought wouldn’t matter much, but in fact I much prefer it now after having used it. Will be great to have this one on the analogs too no doubt.


IIRC this has already been discussed (?) but the MIDI implementation chart looks much more easy to grasp now doesn’t it? At least it looks like that to me… I can even suss out how to automate scene manipulation and xfade remotely! Big improvement with the new manual IMO :heart_eyes: big up Erik Ångman

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All i can say is that im super happy with my unit.

Also, here is a rainbow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcXyd6U-K7I&feature=youtu.be

Thanks! It’s always nice when someone thinks that my tinkering with the documentation makes things better or more useful :slight_smile:


Oh man, I wish you hadn’t said that. I didn’t see it before but now I’ll see it forever >.<

You’re excused as I reported this long ago before your tinkering

but there are still errors on this table

One other Typo and one harmless addition/clarification


I’ve run into this problem on my digitakt. Reloaded a pattern accidentally

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll take care of it.


I am also very happy with the MKII

OT MKII extra buttons make it so much easier to use . I am constantly using the AED button. This machine layout feels more logical and less intimidating than the MKI. I had been able to find my way around much easier than the limited time I spent with the MK1.

After a couple hours, I took the screen protective film off.
It’s a keeper.


So there’s a screen protector film? Thanks for the tip, wasn’t sure before if it was there or not

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Yup. Like all other Elektrons, I believe. (?)

A travesty to obscure that deep black in the OLED screen by keeping it on. :wink:

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Actually, waiting on your video. Techno or electro first?

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Remixing techno on my IG



Just received mine ! I’m very excited !!!

Screen is all good, I feared that there was some bug with the recording tracks but it was a stupid midi loop…
Thrilled !