Octatrack motion-sequence other synth


I´m using the Octatrack to sequence some synth via midi. For example I want to record motion sequence of the dark energy 2 and tr-8 i have. How do i need to set them up to make it working?

Is motion sequence Volca-speak for send MIDI CCs?


The Dark Energy 2 has a very limited MIDI implementation. You can use MIDI Note, PitchBend, and Control Change messages to control the level of its rear panel CV outputs. You would connect these CV outputs to its front panel CV inputs.

The MIDI implementation chart for the TR-8 (downloadable from Roland’s website) shows that you can use MIDI Control Change messages to directly control many of its sound parameters.


Thanks! This is exactly what i want to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W07SakAHZ6g

But I don´t really understand how to set this up

The text description for the video gives instructions. What did you try, and what did you not follow?

Step-by-step instructions are given on page 128 of the OT manual. Use the TR-8 as the “synthesizer”.

(You probably know that the DE2 does not have an accessible MIDI Out port, so you cannot record from it.)


Yes i read this description. I think I can figure it out but do i need this app? Is there another way to do it? I only have a midi thru box.

If you do not filter out MIDI notes, you can delete them afterwards.

I recommend that you set the correct MIDI CC numbers in the OT’s MIDI sequencer tracks and Live Record knob twists on the OT’s knobs instead of trying to record from the TR-8.

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I will try that out thanks!

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