Octatrack - my best performance :D

Hi folks!
Millolab here, this is until now my best “performance” on the OT…
What do you think?


Awesome ambient track!

Tell us something about your allocation of the sounds to the devices.



OK, if i remember correctly, i only used static machines on all the tracks. I used 7 sample tracks, (the 8th is a master track) and some midi tracks controlling the E2 and blofeld.
All the drums are sliced and rearranged loops or one shot samples. I used a to of conditional trigs and a lot of mangling on the scenes+fader. I used only 2 Pattern.
A friend of mine provided the rhodes sample (the one you hear in the first part of the song). The other rhodes id from the E2… :smiley:
I think it’s pretty much it. :smiley:


Cool. Would you recommend the E2 in combination with the octatrack? Quite different approach of the two machines. Are you using the blofeld as preset device for ambient style sounds?

thanks! :slight_smile:

I liked. Are you using a mixer?

well… the E2 give its best when played on its own… even if it’s not very powerful. It sounds ok (not the best sounding device), but it’s very handy. You have 16 tracks 4 notes paraphonic. I like it. I’m planning to get a Digitone btw… :slight_smile:
Blofeld is one of my favourite synth. It’s great for the price. I hate blofeld’s presets, but i love to program it myself and i get the best ambient pads out of it! :slight_smile:

Yes, a Behringher rx1602.
I know, it’s not the best but it’s so tiny. :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Amazing! Great work! How did you get these sounds so damn crispy and well balanced? the glitchy percussions sit so well in the mix? Is it eqing? Is it preparing samples? Is it magic? :slight_smile:
I can definitely say it is a lot of talent at least!


Thanks mate! Well… i don’t know. I have no secret recpe… i think it’s mostly related to sound designing in general but i can’t tell for sure :smile:
I do not record my music multitrack… i grab a stereo out from my mixer and i record it in a tascam dr70d. Later all i do is adding a multiband compressor and a limiter on premiere when syncing to the video… :blush:


Great job indeed

You, sir, are an inspiration and one of my go-to youtube channels for indie electronic music! Beautiful and precisely executed.


This is ready for release, no question. Great job!


Thanks guys! :smiley:

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  1. phenomenal job with the track. :slight_smile:
  2. LOVE the aspect ratio/ framing. (not to mention the exposure/ temperature).
  3. definitely subscribed for more.
  4. I started with an AR1 a year ago; I just picked up an A42: God this has me hungering for an MD & OT; I hate this. roflmao.
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Thanks mate!! :blush:

Beautiful stuff milo. Love whatever fx u have on the last remaining glitchy snaps at the end. Also great idea abou the stopwatch, letting you know when to change/wrap it up. Etc. Masterful scene editing/crossfading.

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Not sure what the fx is. I think is a Dark Reverb from the OT.
The stopwatch was necessary… i did not have a proper song structure… it was somehow improvised… :smile: