Octatrack & Nord Drum 3P bank change

So I found a similar thread here (Digitakt + Nord Drum 3P program(patch) change from Digitakt - #10 by frekvencia) discussing issues people had changing the overall kit on the ND3P with the Digitakt, but I simply cannot get my Octatrack to change the bank (drum kit select) on the Nord Drum 3P.

Can one of you Octatrack wizards shine a light on this? As an example, I’m trying to program a change from kit 4 to 5 on the ND3P when I go from pattern D16 to E1 on the Octatrack. I’ve double checked the settings on the ND3P and I’m pretty convinced they’re correct as I’m using the Octa to change various parameters on all the tracks and have them all set to receive on the ND3P.

I tried using the standard midi cc controls and also the bank/sbnk controls but I can’t seem to do it.

I read the manual and it implied that bank/sbnk was where I needed to be focusing, but I still can’t get it to work unfortunately.

Cheers all.

My setup is all unplugged at the moment but it definitely works.

You need first of all to have a midi track channel corresponding to the Midi global channel of the ND3.
Then i remember it is a bit counter intuitive. IIRC the Sbnk on the OT is the A-H on your ND3 and the top right option (can’t recall the name atm) on OT is the number of the patch on the ND3. The Bank number on the OT must be set to 0.

Try this and if i’m wrong try to use Bank as the A-H and to set SNBK at 0. It’s definitely one of these two, i’ll try to confirm when i replug all my stuff later today.


Nah you’re bang on the money my good man, sbnk is A-H and prog is the kit number (1-50).

Thanks so much, this is working like an absolute charm now. I owe you one big time.

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I know i also spent some time understanding how it works, glad to hear it can save you some hassle :wink: Enjoy!

Although I have to say the, even though it’s now being programmed via the Octa and isn’t relying on my creaky hand movements, there’s still a pretty noticeable clunk/lag when changing from one kit to the other on the Nord Drum. Does yours do this?

Thanks again!

Nope, not that i noticed. Are you linked directly from OT Out to ND In? Or passing through other devices?

I’m passing through an analog rytm via the midi thru. Never noticed a lag for cc messages controlling other parameters but I’ll give it a whirl cutting out the rytm and see what happens. Good thinking!

Considering your setup you might be stuck since the ND can’t pass MIDI In to a Thru…
Just troubleshoot in direct to check. I’ll try to check it myself tomorrow if i think about it as I never used it live with the OT but definitely plan to.

Yea unfortunately I tried going direct with the cable and cutting out the Rytm, but it made no difference to the jump. While the Octa/Rytm will seamlessly go from one kit/part to the other as I run through different patterns, the same certainly can’t be said for the ND currently