Octatrack or Digitakt? Which one gets the axe?

Elektron has essentially made two nearly perfect samplers that have a lot of overlap between them, but also have very essential features that are unique to each model. I have both, but don’t use either one to it’s full potential. I’m not necessarily even looking to get rid of either one, but I feel like having both has flooded me with options that have left me paralyzed creatively.

If you own both an Octatrack and Digitakt and had to get rid of one, which one would you choose and why?

For this thread the “why” question is the most important. I’m interested in hearing how this question applies to how you guys use these devices and what features you find most important regarding sample based devices.

I really hope the next Electron device will be a compromise between OT specs and DT interface, DT is much more productive and better sounding tool for me. OT is pain to use and learn, especially if you don’t want it and have some other things to do like writing actual music or having fun with other tools : )


I had both. Sold the DT.
Still have OT. Six years and counting.
OT because
Proper sample editing.
None of that new fangled 48khz nonsense that you dont need.
3 LFOs per track.
Tons of modulatable FX.

8 recorder tracks.
8 midi tracks.

4 in 4 out.


DT is ok. But its not for me. It just isnt useful.

Edit: thought of more stuff.
OT can drag and drop sample files directly to/from computer. no need for transfer software.

OT gives you a choice to normalise, whereas DT normalises automatically. Hated that. Choice is power.


Had OT and got DT, kept OT sold DT.

DT mono sampling and added brightness were not better sounding to me, also felt that the DT felt cramped, did not like the mute LED colours, and the much reduced sampling functions, never used CTRL ALL much, prefer OT scenes.

DT is great, but OT is better, as you’d expect given the price difference.


I’m in the same boat. The DT is cool, but the OT is essential to my setup. I wish the OT had trig mutes. That’s the only thing the DT wins at, for my usage. I guess CTRL All is pretty fun too, but OT Fader FTW.

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I would use a sledgehammer rather than an axe, you are going to dull the blade.


Octatrack pros: live sampling of your sequenced loops, always in perfect time. Slicing. Crossfader.

Digitakt pros—way easier to use, Overbridge, fantastic reverb and delay.

I do find myself using the Octatrack a lot with Ableton these days, as a remixing machine, and midi sequencer. Given that Ableton can also resample perfect loops, maybe the Digitakt would be a better bet.

I had both at one point, but sold the OT and kept the DT. The OT was too much for me, and all its strengths were things that didn’t suit me. The OT can do a lot more than the DT, but IME it comes at the cost of speed and cognitive load. The OT had me second guess my decisions because if I changed my mind halfway through a project, I’d have to go back and manually redo a ton of work. Even after 9 months of experience, I still regularly made unrecoverable mistakes that made me have to remake a pattern or part.

The DT on the other hand does a fraction of what the OT does, but it has such a well designed, more modern layout and ultra-focused workflow. It’s a lot more simplified having each pattern be completely standalone (no shared kits or parts), all 8 audio tracks are identical, and instead of customizable FX slots per track it has great sounding delay and reverb as send FX as well as a master compressor. There’s generally less things to control, meaning less details to get snagged on.

Though I don’t multitrack with overbridge, the DT works great as both an audio interface and midi controller for my DAW.


A lot of your points about the OT kind of resonate with my situation as well regarding speed and cognitive load. The DT is definitely more immediate than the OT and I find myself dicking around with what feels like “busywork” when working with it, but at the same time I love having the slicing option to use sample chains as well as the “slots” mode that gives me instant access to all of the samples that I’ve loaded. But then there’s the crippled chromatic range on the OT that the DT has much more of, especially after the newest update.

I’ve been agonizing over how to make the most out of both machines synced together when maybe I should be using them separately as standalone units. Thanks for your writeup, and also I’m a big fan of your music which makes regular appearances in my Spotify rotation!

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I had a DT first and then about a year in got myself an OT and sold the DT after.

DT was a great gateway and an amazing machine to kinda learn how Elektrons work. I liked its sound and the effects on it and thought it was a really fun device to work on. OT isn’t as direct or instantly gratifying but it has some things i really prefer over the DT. I love the crossfader on it, and slicing of course, its 4 ins make it a handy mixer, the looping capabilities are a huge plus to me and I really like that the 16 sequencer steps are on a single line instead of the DTs 2x8. The latest firmware introducing tempo per pattern brought the one thing i missed from DT to OT so I will probably stick with it for years to come.

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