Octatrack or Monomachine with MD

I had MD for about 3 years, no other hardwares and love it still.

So I got OT about a month ago to replace DAW and needed sampling capabilities.
But after a month of use, I think it’s unfit for me.

Simply, it’s too advanced or stylish(?) for my music and lots of functions might be unnecessary.
Not to mention, I am not so knowledgeable in tech aspect of music making - it’s a bit too tedious or me just being impatient.

MnM was my initial choice before I even knew what OT was. I know I’ll really like it and use it all the time.

But I am reluctant to swap my OT for MnM, because having just MD+MNM might just get boring after a year or two. (I am just assuming they are similar sound engine wise.)

What do you think? Go for something I will dig now? Or just keep OT for the time being?

Excuse my rant, thanks :expressionless:

Md and Mnm are a match made in heaven. If you’ve enjoyed three years of only the MD, you’ll enjoy at least 12 with only the md and the mono. :smile:


They’ll sound great together.

However, the most interesting stuff I’ve made has been exclusively MD and OT


A bit, but they diverge quite a lot. The MD synth engines (apart from the sine & noise engines) tend to be based around a template of what the “intended” sound is - bass drum, snare, clap etc etc. Of course you can take those sounds far away from a normal drum sound. But the MM is more of a blank sheet with most of its synth engines. There’s so much modulation per track (eg 3 LFOs each) that you can use a lot of tricks to really change the sound. Or for example use the delay engine, or the flanger FX machine, etc, to form the basis of a sound.

It can take some work to get good/interesting sounds out of it, but you can also just load up a superwave saw or pulse machine and get a nice monosynth sound going very quickly.

It’s a bit more logical than the OT for me. Things are a bit more apparent just by looking at them. If that makes sense?


That is a good point :sweat_smile:

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I haven’t thought of a way to effectively combine both yet, except adding some other elements (synth sample etc) to existing MD pattern. Still a newbie.

If you are simply curious about the MM, buy it because the MM will not be easier to find in the future, then sell it if you get bored.

If you are thinking only about making music, think about whether you need a sampler or a synthesizer.


Thanks for the explanation on MM.
I do love just tweaking and making sounds, various modulations, so MnM feels closer to what I like and used to, coming from analog synths and groove boxes.
Yeah, MD now is pretty comfortable for me, so I am just guessing it’s be more logical then OT.

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That’s a good point, thx. I don’t live in a city with access to many used gears, so I am kind of choosy, I guess.
I do use more synths then samples definitely.

Since you’re experienced with the MD it will be no problem. Once you grasp the internal AB/CD/EF bus structure and the signal flow from track 1 down to track 6 you pretty much know all you need to to get going. Remember to trig FX and input tracks… Be aware of the filter key tracking options… no other “gotchas” really and the manual covers it all very well.

I found with the OT there were so many terms for things, and so many menus and double taps/shortcuts/shift functions, it was quite opaque to me for a while. With the MM it’s more like you discover new stuff as you work with it, but you’re not held back from getting things done in the meantime. That was my experience, anyway.

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Sounds great, thanks for the info.
I mean OT is a really cool machine, I was stoked to hear the sound quality and all.
I did managed to make couple of sample driven tracks, and then soon lost interest due to too much time looking at the manual/tutorials and not really understanding, in my case, terminologies.

Get a MnM. I’ve been through most Elektron boxes and MnM + MD is my fave combo.

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