Octatrack Polymeasures?

What’s the simplest way of implementing polymeasures on the Octatrack ?

Example - in a standard sixteen note pattern, I want to play a note on the first trig, but then four notes, equally spaced, over the next three trigs

Do I somehow implement this with microtiming on a single pattern? Or do I have to have a second, separate pattern with a different time signature, for the four-notes-over-three-trigs sequence? Or something else?

TIA :slight_smile:

Even using micro-timing, every note requires a trig.

As you want to play 5 notes in total you will need 5 trigs, but the note on the last trig can be micro-timed a maximum of 23 steps to the left.

For every trig position there are a total of 47 steps (exactly on the 16th or plus/minus 23 steps either side) so it is just a case of doing the math.

If the note values are the same you could use retrigs.


ah the retrig idea is a good one!