Octatrack + Reason 10

Hi all, is there anyone here using Octatrack with Reason 10?

I just received a license for reason 10 lite so I decided to give it a try, since I have used it in the past and I liked it… and suddenly… WOW!!! Forget about trying to sync Logic or Ableton with Octatrack, Reason is far, far, far more stable and easy! Syncs like a charm! Zero problems.

I am totally sold on Reason, with Lite version you have limitation of 8 tracks (coming from an OT this is no limitation at all, right?). Also it sounds fantastic. Being a Logic user for many years, I was completely frustrated trying to sync it (and also Ableton) with OT, they just don’t go well together.

Thats it, just would like to share my experience and give you the advice: Until Nov 30 if you have an iphone/ipad, download the “Reason COMPACT” app and get a free Reason Lite license.
Serious, it was mind-blowing to see how well they sing together.

I’ve been a propellerhead man since like 99. I completely and utterly LOVE Reason, it’s been my main DAW since it came out. The amp simulators are… not good, but the instruments are awesome. I haven’t actually hooked up any Elektrons to it yet, other than audio in, but I’m really happy to hear it goes well.

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long time reason user here. i have done a bit of work integrating my digitakt and octatrack with reason. probably more with the dt at this stage - including creating a template to control the dt from reason. still learning the octatrack but have been exploring some live loop/phrase sampling from reason to ot (getting my head around latencies and possible solutions). i have recorded some matrix midi patterns onto the dt as well as controlling the combinator via dt midi tracks. i find the sync tightest when the dt or ot is master. ableton link is a bit unpredictable.

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curious - I find no probs syncing my elektron boxes maually to any DAW (ie. setting the same BPM values to both and aligning the first downbeats with metronomes)… Did you ever try manual sync with logic?

Hey tsutek, yes I tried, I think I was not clear, but I managed to sync logic and ableton with Octatrack, problem was: 1st: I took some time (not a big problem), 2nd: It didn’t sync perfectly, in both logic and ableton I got some kind of problem using it for one hour, for example: jitter, delay between sounds in the 2 units, playhead lost or in wrong position, midi crash… In logic I was struggling with delay, until the point I noticed that it introduces a variable delay so I would never sync it perfectly.

In Reason it was like this: 2 clicks, rock solid sync, like to hardware units in perfect sync.

But maybe I was unlucky with my Ableton and Logic softwares, who knows… :thinking:

It’s so unpredictably individual how the synchronisation potential is achieved or not.

I could not sync Reason to the OT, nor the other way around.

Purchased Ableton in 2007, and for years was under the false impression that adjusting the “Driver Error Compensation” was the correct approach to get the sync working. Or even trying to adjust the Buffer Size.

In fact it was the Midi section of the Ableton preferences, check all three boxes for the computer’s Midi Port In where the OT’s clock and transport arrive. Then take the midi offset parameter to somewhere between -35 and -12.5 … depends on where the beat wants to pulse; judging by ear, a variety of factors. Even though it won’t work the other way around, this technique helped to achieve some impressively synced hardware-software recordings over the years.

btw cheers for mentioning the Reason Compact app and Reason Lite license notification.


hmm, the symptoms of the probs you describe make me think you did use MIDI sync after all and not freeform, manual BPM sync…?

In any case, happy to hear Reason works for you in this regard. Its scary how optimized Reason is CPU-wise, maybe that optimization shows here as well? :diddly:

I sync my digitakt to reason using usbmidi with the Dt sending clock and transport. I use the 8 midi tracks on the Digi to drive up to 8 individual synth in reason using the advanced midi rack in reason linking each individually by separate channels. Not sure why but this blew my mind.

If the pc runs clock I find it they come out of sync from each other … if the digitakt runs clock it seems to stay in sync but I don’t think it is actually very stable bpm.

Hi, I have struggled syncing DT (slave) with Reason. Also, I tried to do Pattern change via midi unsuccessfully. Any chance that you could share on how do you set up both please? Cheers

Reason Midi Sync with Elektron machines is not great- change DAW

Via a USB connection on digitakt make sure the CLOCK RECEIVE is activated in the Midi Config/Sync page, make sure INPUT FROM usb is selected in the Midi Config/Port Config page. Note the midi port made available in Reason (I am on a Mac) changes name when you change from Overbridge/Usb Midi in the System/Usb Config page. In this case I would normally have the Digitakt in USB MIDI mode (although will still function in Overbridge mode).
In Reason select the relevant Digitakt midi out port to send the sync to in the Preferences/Sync Setting page. The select Options/Sync and select the send MIDI Clock.
I also check some of the options at the bottom of the Preferences/Sync Setting page that allow me to also control the transport on the Digitakt. Press play on Reason.

To change patterns I use the Program output on the Midi Out device in Reason - make sure it is activated. Also select the Digitakt Midi out port and choose the desired channel to send the message on - this needs to match the selected channel in the Digitakt settings.
On the Digitakt make sure the PROG CH RECEIVE is activated in the Midi Config/Sync page. Then in the Midi Config/Channels page scroll to the bottom and set the PROG CH IN CH to the same channel as the Midi Out device in Reason. Bear in mind that pattern changes will follow 1 bar late - this is a known issue that needs to be managed. Press play and change the Program value in Reason, the pattern should change on the Digitakt.