Octatrack rec1 not triggering/recording?

Hi. I making sure each of my tracks are assigned to the appropriate rec buffer, made sure my settings are correct in rec1 setup window [In A . Trig One2. ]
Audio signal is being recieved, input A pulsates.
Still dont know why when I press Rec 1 to manually record it’s not recording. Nothing happens, not even dead air. The rec function is just not getting triggered. I’ve done this 1000s of times before, but cant seem to figure out what’s the issue now. Tried creating a new project and nothing. Something I’m missing ?Settings? Heeeelp

First off, you don’t assign a record buffer to a flex machine. A record buffer is always assigned to a track. It can never be removed.

Track 1 has record buffer 1
Track 2 has record buffer 2

You can then assign the flex machine ANY of the 8 track recorders, meaning you can PLAY any record buffer from any track.

You can record Track 1 into Record Buffer 5 for as well, but you do this by changing the SRC3 parameter not by moving or changing which record buffer you are using.

As far as the button combination, try instead:

HOLD Track Key and press REC 1

you can internally record whatever is happening on T1 into T5 buffer no problem

you want to enable Record Quick Mode - it’s in the Personalize menu, down at the bottom

otherwise Track+RecSource as explained above


Thanks for clarifying avantronica.

I was just coming back to clarify that yes, you can record any track into any other track recorder by using the SRC3 and selecting the track.

But the concept of track record buffer 5 should always be pictured as attached to track 5. You don’t move the recorder buffer around, you just select a different source.