Octatrack Song Mode

Hi guys
I would like to know if any of you could share your knowledge of Octatrack song mode with me, please
Supposing that I have Octatrack and Digitone or AN4 playing together
when I start setting up my song mode sequence on Octatrack, is there a way to match the patterns changing of Octartrack or AN4 when Octatrack jumps very fast to another pattern?
So far when I have Octatrack changing the Patterns and sending the program changing to the other gears but the thing is I can only get the pattern of Digitone or AN4 changing after 4 bars while Octatrack is changing its pattern fast or slow as I set up because I am mangling patterns together and I would like AN4 and Digitone to follow what I am doing on Octatrack, if that makes any sense.

Quick answer: no.

Longer answer: No. You have to have your pattern lengths and scales match across all the devices. They all have to start and end their patterns at the same time.

Each device has its own “queue” of patterns. The messages (Programme Change) sent from one device to another when you have them synchronised do not trigger a pattern change, they trigger an addition to the receivers’ pattern queue. It’s only a queue of one pattern (the next one), but it is still a queue. This is similar to when you manually select the next pattern to play whilst the current pattern is playing. The next pattern is queued and plays when the sequencer reaches a step count of LEN or CH.LEN (it’s LEN you need to pay attention to when synchronising multiple boxes).

If you use the Octatrack arranger to play small sections of a pattern, the queueing logic becomes different, and customised. None of the other devices know about this. Even if the Octatrack could send a Programme Change message “at the right time”, the receiving devices don’t know what the right time is because they have no concept of playing modified patterns.


If you want short patterns across all devices, make short patterns across all the devices (even on the OT).

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Fair enough, I didn’t think it was possible but I just tried to double-check here and see if I was right or wrong, thanks anyway