Octatrack Synthwave Jam w/ Model:Cycles (and my Shruthi)

So this is the third track I made with the Octatrack since I’ve finally caved in and bought one a few weeks ago. The beat is just a stock sample, nothing fancy. Sliced it, pretty standard I guess.
What I do like is the delay effect on the master track and playing around with it, and I added another two scenes for good measure, all just doing some effects on the master track or muting the beat.
The Model:Cycles provides a bass line with a kinda fretless sound to it, as well as some 808 style kick drum and some sparkly sounds throughout. The Shruthi goes through the Strymon TimeLine and delivers some arps. Man, the arpeggiator on the Octatrack is so much fun to play around with.
Set up a few parts and tried to keep a nice pace going, not only adding, but taking things away as well, to keep everything moving and interesting.
Hope you guys’n’gals dig it. Thanks.