Octatrack Time Lapse

I decided to throw myself into this project five months ago, as I really was fascinated with time-lapse, a technology that allows us - who are so often staring at our smartphones - to rediscover simple things we eventually blot out, always for want of “time”. It fits naturally into my TimeCode project, which connects sound to image ; therefore I began a piece of music with my cousin and I contacted Simon Christen, whose photographic production about San Francisco I really liked. Then I looked for a female singer and songwriter and I met Marie Portier who managed to lend her nice voice to our music.
San Francisco as you’ve rarely seen it.

This is a fantastic piece of music! In terms of rediscovering simple things - you’ve got my congrats, as I do macro photography but haven’t managed to combine photography and music yet. This video really introduced some substantial amout of inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing!

Thx Rady Glad you like

This is really nice. Beautiful footage helps too but its a nice track. I’m not sure I love the vocals all that much but I really like the simple piano part. Really nice track.