Octatrack to Control Soft Synths in Logic Pro X

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I’ve dug out the Octatrack again and loving it. I attached my iPad to my interface via USB and I could control each separate softsynth via the straight forward routing in AUM. I set up midi channel say 2 for example and set the soft synth to midi channel 2 and away I go. Midi CC’s were an absolute breeze too. Today, I tried it with Logic Pro X but no such luck. I can play and sequence a soft synth via my Octatrack but it is only playing the soft synth that my cursor has clicked? I am trying to use some Arturia synths and even though I have my Octatrack midi channel set as “2” and my Arturia soft synth set to “2” I can only play the soft synth that my cursor has clicked.

I have gone into the midi environment and edited the click ports to look like this…

To try and make it look like this…

As per this guys tutorial…

In AUM I select the midi channel on the Octatrack and then set the same one for the synth and that’s it! Why does Logic not make it so easy?

I’d love some help! Please reach out if you can shed any light.


I know in Ableton that a track will only respond to MIDI input if it’s “armed” and the default setting is “Exlusive Arm” meaning only one track will be armed and it’s the one you click on. There is a setting to override this so multiple tracks can be armed at the same time.

Is it perhaps something like this in Logic? Being able to arm more than one track at a time?

Edit: If this is indeed the case then you would record arm several tracks as outlined in this discussion:


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This might help you out (if you can follow my off-the-top of my head instructions).


Cheers man! Multiple tracks have to be armed plus a bunch of other stuff. I guess the other stuff is there for a reason but it just seems kinda unnecessary. Took ages but I got there in the end. Thanks for your reply. Much love

This, sir, was exactly what I needed! If I were Peter Pan and we were in Never Never Land I’d fill your plate with a million donuts! It worked and it was fun playing around with this new idea of mine. Thank you :blush:

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This helped me right now, sick!

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