Octatrack transition trick to mixer channel

hi there,
im going to be honest and start by saying im selling my octatrack…however today while writing down my new setup including a dj style mixer…I had a thought.
ive worked out how to do the transition trick turning one track onto the octatrack into a live loop triggered by a rec trig and faded in and out using the xfader.
what I need to know which could change my final setup decision is can the looped track on the octatrack be send via cue out to a separate channel on mixer to the main out so I can have a loop to use fx on one channel on the mixer without effecting normal main audio on another channel? cheers for any help

Check studio mode. It enables you to split anything and everything between the two output pairs. IIRC you can even send a track’s audio to both outs simultaneously should you so decide. However, the heaphone volume knob will affect the cue out level, so you need to check its at unity with the master outs for seamless output levels (and use the same track level / cue level values on the tracks obvs)


thanks man…I will give it a go…if I can get this to work would be a big deal