Octatrack - Triggering next pattern via MIDI controller

I’ve looked into changing patterns via MIDI and it seems that the OT takes a program change message to a specific bank and pattern. Is there not a way to just go to the next pattern with one button press? That’s what I’m looking to do.

I have a Kenton USB MIDI host and a Launch Control XL, but I don’t think it can send program change messages. Would this work with a Pi as a host programmed to change a specific MIDI message into a program change?

Are there any other similar controllers recommended that are in a similar format that can do this?

Next/previous implies to know what is the actu al position. Program changes don’t work like this. You can always set an init position and go from here simulating what you want by calling new patterns relative to the first one.
Other possibility is to use a midi processor. Activate send pc on the ot, load any pattern and store the pc number as a variable. Then add or substract one to the variable and send pc=Var. Advantage is that this way, you can change pattern manually and sequentially at the same time without messing anything.

I don’t know pi but I thank it is perfectly doable. Other solutions include BomeBox,event processor for exemple…


Why would you go to all that trouble?
Func+trig button cues the next pattern. Its a one hand operation.
Just curious


Ah thank you, this makes sense and I’ll look into the BomeBox!

This is true. I’m just trying to streamline everything for live PA stuff. The mental process is currently, press button combo, what pattern am I on, press next pattern button (16 choices) as opposed to ok next pattern press button.

I have the track select buttons on the Launch Control XL available and thought this would be a great function, then looking into it I’m seeing it’s way more complex than it should be.

It may or may not be worth the trouble, but I wanted to see what solutions might be out there.

No choice, the next pattern is just after the active one. :content:
With a Bank change it’s a bit more complicated.

With Arranger you can load next row without thinking (down arrow + enter).
No need to make a loop row, you can make your row last very long with Rep and Len (up to 2048 bars).


Lost me at button combo :smile:

This is really just first world Octatrack problems :alien:

another route could be using a midi controller with an internal counter. i use a set of three footswitches; one resets the internal counter to Pattern 1, then the others send Previous Pattern and Next Pattern midi commands based on that counter.

so if you’re good with arduino, i’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to setup. i have an Axoloti Core i use for something else, but i think it might be a good/cheap way to accomplish what you want.

off the top of my head the Softstep2 has this feature, but only if you use it connected to it’s computer software. Also the Morningstar Mc6 has an internal counter that works standalone.

Does not work as one would expect unfortunately.
An event processor from Midi solutions costs a hundred bucks, hard to beat…

I have the Event Processor Plus but unfortunately no maths, no additions, increments…
Bomebox as you mentioned, RK002 should be able to do it too (cheaper).

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that’s weird, i use an Mc6 to send a “next pattern” command to an octatrack and a squarp pyramid simultaneously. i think mine might be a Mark One though. i guess the issue might be that i have both units set up to change patterns at the beginning of the next bar. i could see it not working if you wanted an immediate switch to the next pattern

Could you please describe how you route everything and what command you are using on the mc6 ? I don’t see how the mc6 could store the value of the active octatrack pattern. Thanks a lot.

My memory tricked me, I was sure I was able to make simple math operation with it…Rk002 or BomeBox then !

yeah, no problem. basically i hit footswitch 1 to reset the counter at the beginning of each song.

the mc6 is routed through an iconnectivity mio4, but essentially it just sends the commands to both the octatrack and the pyramid (might have some filtering going on inside the mio4 just to prevent unwanted messages being sent to other machines)

This is what it looks like from the Mc6 editor…
Footswitch 1 (reset counter)
-Msg 1 : PC Message
PC#0, Set Array # 1, Channel#11(octatrack autochannel)

Footswitch 2 (next pattern)
-Msg1: PC Scroll Up
Number Slot 1, Slot++ Yes, Channel#11(octatrack autochannel)
Lower Limit 0, Upper Limit 127
-Msg2: CC Message (next pattern command for squarp pyramid)

Footswitch 2(previous pattern)
-Msg1: PC Scroll Down
Number Slot 1, Slot-- Yes, Channel#11(octatrack autochannel)
Lower Limit 1, Upper Limit 127
-Msg2: CC message (previous pattern command for pyramid)

On the octatrack make sure you go to the Control Menu => Sequencer=> set Pattern Change Chain After 16/16 (for pattern change at beginning of next bar)

for the pyramid go to Sequence => Perform => change to 1 BAR (for pattern change at the beginning of next bar)

Ok,thanks,you have a reset each time and build up from here. Meaning if you change a pattern manually it won’t work exactly as expected anymore since the mc6 Knows Where it is but has no Way to know where is the ot.

yeah, once you switch from using the footswitch to changing patterns manually you have to remember your counter is at a different spot. for instance, if i scroll to pattern 3 on the footswitches, then jump to pattern 6 manually on the octatrack, the next time i hit the “next pattern” footswitch i’ll be on pattern 4

That’s the part that was confusing me ! Advantage to the BomeBox method here ! But the mc6 is awesome for freeing hands and sending everyone at home at the push of button ! I use it for multiple pc, mutes, and cueing and arming different tracks/ buffers on the ot. 2 Roland ec5 for expression connected ! So much power ! Thanks for your detailed explanation !

Is there a way to change from Akai Force the next pattern on Octatrack?
Thanks a bunch!

Yes with Program Change messages.
You want both now? :content:

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But how? Can I do it from Force’s matrix?