Octatrack vs Deluge

How many tracks can Deluge have at the same time and how many effects per track?
Which is more flexible?

Track amount and length is only limited by CPU, so you can basically put as many as you want in one sequence at virtually infinite length, but how many of them play simultaneously is determined by how much CPU is spent on fx, automation etc. in the particular project.

It has reverb, delay, LPF and HPF filter, EQ, mod fx (flanger/ chorus/ phaser), saturation, bitcrush and decimation on each track.
Also very creative patching possibilities.

They have different types of flexibility, but overall the Deluge is more versatile and also very special and unique in many ways. It’s still being perfected and gets regular updates with the most voted-on requests on the Synthstrom forum.


As a sampler and audio magician, the OT still wins - though the Deluge is closing in.

In all other respects, the Deluge runs circles around most other groove boxes.


Is Deluge streaming from the card or it has limited ram?
Also this thing with cpu is unclear… how many tracks full of effects can it play at the same time?

It streams from the card. A half dozen to a dozen CPU heavy tracks can simultaneously play, but you have the option to resample any one of those to free up some power.


Remaining question is: who wants to trade his deluge for my Octatrack


What @stinkybeat said.

The Deluge has 64MB of Ram, which is relevant only for real time recording length. Since the Deluge resamples, I actually used it not only for all kinds of sampling tricks but also to just record a finished track straight into the SD card. As long as they fit within the memory, it worked fine.

In terms of architecture and flexibility, the Deluge can’t be beat. I have a friend who works with software development in embedded systems (to hardware), and he’s got the synth bug as bad as I do, if not more. He explained to me the reason why some groove boxes have these odd bugs such as pattern gaps, tempo sync issues and stuff. He figured, they’re very aware of what they’re doing when these things occur, and they’ve made a choice - a pattern stocked full with fx, motion recording, filters, envelops and stuff and polyphony to boost, is so complex in terms of processing power that it’s essentially it’s own song. So when you switch patterns between say the Electribe or the TR-8S, the glitch you’re hearing is because essentially, it’s the equivalent of loading a new project in a DAW environment or from your Digitakt or whatever.

When you look at it that way, and then look at how the Deluge approached it, you realise how brilliant the Deluge’s structure is in terms of how it divides tracks, sections and songs.


My Octatrack for a Deluge ! :slight_smile:

I replaced a octatrack for a deluge, an I’ll never llook back.

Deluge it’s the most forwrd thinking sequencer I ever tried (and I had allmost every sequencer released, even a cirklon).

With the deluge I’m making tracks, finishing tracks, and having a lot of fun in the process.

Parameter locks are beautifully implemented, workflow it’s super fast, and updates are released regullary with the most upvoted festures.

I think elektron have a lot to learn.


How’s the sound quality (sample playback, sample capture, fx, ect) vs. the OT?

MIDI Polyphony? Various note lengths on same MIDI track?

And the modulation matrix it’s genious, song mode it’s very well thought and easy, the reverb is stellar, and the sidechaing it’s very well implemented.

Built quality is gorgeous.

Sampling it’s faster than octatrack, but less flexible. The fx are much better, I guess the processor is faster because it’s a newer machine.
But the samples sound cleaner, more punchy. The loading and saving system it’s fast as hell.

Theres no limit on polyphony (limited just by ram) basically it’s a full fledged piano roll, like any daw.

Whelp. GAS. FML :wink:

I’ll wait to see what the Zoia is about.

Why “less flexible”?

No custom slicing, no visual feedback.

If it becomes loop capable for realtime multi loop playback and auto sliced playback without needing to stop or enter anything about the loops, I certainly will be having a further look…

As of right now it doesn’t have live looping capabilities whereas the OT can do 8 at once and spit them back out all chopped up and rearranged in a million ways. It looks super cool, if they add live realtime looping and audio warping features I will definitely investigate further…


I concur. If live looping was implemented, I’d definitely consider the Deluge.

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All 8 tracks on Octa are stereo?
Can they be triggered without using any of the 8 midi tracks?

OT can play 8 stereo tracks while simultaneously recording 8 stereo samples out of any combinations of tracks and inputs and at the same time be spitting out 8 full midi tracks…
Plus there’s two pairs of outputs for routing tracks…


Yeah I know I will miss the octatrack. This is why I may trade my room instead… :slight_smile: