Octatrack vs Make Noise René for Euro

I have similar setup 0Coast + some supporting modules. I’m using OT + Polyend Poly2 to sequence my small rack.
And I have to say that this combo is extremely powerful - because, you can also send MIDI LFOs to euro. Also you choose if they are tempo synced or not, random or any other vaveshape. Also use lfos on lfos to get some more variation in your CVs. Add to that OT sampling and Effects and you save yourself a lot of money, or at least you get a realy diverse playground to find out what modules you need. I think sampling comes realy handful for one voice systems - you can really dive deep in eurorack sound design - lay down drone, bass or drums and jam over that. Or another good one is put same signal through 4 through tracks and bandpas filter each track different way to get quad peak filter + add LFO and there you have QPAS :slight_smile:
Actualy i started looking at OT as a small modular in one box and that paradigm opened up world of possibilities.


Has it been mentioned already? … What about a BeatStep Pro or a KeystepPro. AFAIK both come with CV/Gate outputs for their melodic sequencers, with 8 Gate outputs for the rythm sequencer, and can be used as MIDI/CV converters as well.

I use a BeatStep Pro with my modular gear. Each melodic sequencer supports CV for pitch and velocity and the gate.