Octatrack with MBase11 and other Gear


I bought a new MBase11 yesterday and connected my devices as usual via MIDI Out - MIDI In - MIDI Thru etc. When I got to the MIDI In of the MBase everything still works, but if I go out of the MIDI Out of the MBase and go in with the MDI In of the next device in the chain, it doesn’t work - the last device receives no signal.

Now I ask myself what that could be and is the Jomox’s MIDI Out output a THRU output?

if I leave the MBase out of the chain, everything works normally …

Greeting, Rob

Hey Rob,
Try the thru to chain MIDI to other devices. MIDI out is the MBase itself and it will send its specific commands. Unless you want to control something using the MBase- which I am not sure of is possible.
But if you want to send MIDI from the OT to other devices you need to use the thru connection. Imagine it as a tunnel or like a y-cable but inside the box.

Thank you for your prompt reply!

It’s a shame because everything worked fine with the Octatrack to control the devices. Unfortunately, the Blofeld Waldorf does not have a thru output and is therefore the last device in the chain. Since MBase doesn’t seem to have a thru output either, we must now see how I can get the MBase in the chain …

I can only suggest a MIDI thru box like a Quadra Thru. Unless there is some way to use an audio signal as a CV to trigger the MBase instead of via MIDI (but then you lose CC control)? (I’ve seen people use this hack to use audio signals from the OT as CV control - send via a cue output)

The MBase11 is MIDI out only according to the manual and I don’t see any option to configure it to MIDI Thru. From what I can tell the MIDI out on the MBase is there for sysex dumps.

The manual says it can send MIDI note triggers too but that seems weird- does that mean you have to press the play button on the Jomox to send the MIDI note on message? I don’t have mine set up to test at the moment.


Exactly that is the solution. I chose the Kenton Thru 5 box.
Thanks again.

What worked is, if you go in from the MIDI output of the MBase into the MIDI input of another device and place this on the same MIDI channel of the MBase, then the signal is played with the same steps of the MBase.

Yes a MIDI thru box or a little box that generates a second or multiple MIDI outs would be the best way.

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You could send a seperate audio output from octatrack to mbase audio trig in.


Interesting, I’ll take a closer look at that - now it works fine with the Thru Box.

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