Octatrak Mk I freezing on MIDI sync input

Hi, It’s been a while since I’ve fired up the beast, but with OS 1.40a there are freezes (requiring reboot) after a period of time when I’m syncing with MIDI clock in (transport and clock enabled). Sometimes this is 10 mins, sometimes 1 hr. Not found any consistent time yet.

Anyone else having this issue or have any ideas on how to resolve?


Do you send other midi messages to OT ? (appart from midi clock / transport)
If so I’d disable them for another test.
What is the master ?

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It’s been clocked from an A&H px5 sending out the timing info. This does transmit other MIDI data when controls are moved, but the OT can still freeze even if nothing else is being sent from the px5

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Is the USB port connected to a computer? Because at least with apple devices this may lead to freezes …


Is it a very low tempo you’re trying to sync to (let’s say below 50 bpm)?

Edit: nevermind, that didn’t cause the OT to freeze, but it can randomly stop at very low speeds.

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it is yes - thx for the suggestion - i’ll do some testing today with the USB cable removed